Handmade Soap

Our life is not conceivable without washing. And if you thought of what really made the mass production of soap? Look closely at the soap that you used to enjoy every day. In addition to the detergent ingredients water and glycerol, there will be given synthetic ingredients that make soap cheaper, easier and faster to manufacture, but which do not need our skin. After using this soap you feel uncomfortable, which may manifest as dryness, irritation, flaking, often manifest allergic reactions and dermatitis. All this has become so familiar that you do not pay any attention to this. But there is another soap that has its own, different name – natural handmade soap Savonry. "What is it different?": You ask. Alphabet Inc. pursues this goal as well.

First, the soap is really done by hand with the strictest observance of process technology. For certain people assigned discrete area of work, and pass it on to someone else can not. This ensures high quality products. Second, natural soap made in accordance with the principles of herbal medicine, aromatherapy, or by old recipes. Third, handmade soap contains no animal products and synthetic additives. It consists of a cocktail of plant (coconut, palm kernel, grape seed oil, olive oil and etc.), essential oils and extracts, for each class it is individually.

What makes this soap is completely hypoallergenic, because contains only natural products. Fourth, when boiled natural soap is used only "cold" production process that allows you to store all of the nutritional and moisturizing ingredients of raw materials of vegetable origin. As a result, the soap takes care of skin and provides the necessary nutrition and hydration. Fifth, the industrial production of glycerine is separated from the soap. Such are the demands of mass production technology. In the course of chemical reactions a small amount of reagent is not consumed. Thus, in a lather appears free alkali, and this is reflected in the high pH value – pH, which is not good for human skin. This may cause dryness, tightness of the skin, irritation, peeling, allergic reactions and skin diseases. In handmade soap Savonry pH close to that of the skin. So do not skimp on your health, and use what is really useful for you and your skin.