Handy Backup Program

The program also will serve up automatically at a fixed period of time. Checking the backup is needed to monitor the viability and correctness of the existing backup. That is, automatically and without user intervention program without spending recovery as such, will check whether all recovered safe and sound. For this purpose the so-called bit-check. Backing up files in use or, more simply, copy “on the fly.” This indispensable tool allows kopirovayt files changed in the current online without service interruption or system. File filtering tool to backup a specific file format or specially specified folders. Selective backup makes it quite deftly handle such large archives of music, photos or movies. Backing up the databases are widely used in business systems.

Backup 1C is necessary for business. Copied from spreadsheets, control files, settings and passwords, database MySQL, DB2, Oracle and many others, and in real time and without having to stop the service. Encrypt backups using strong 128-bit algorithm, typically bluefish, was an essential feature of commercial applications. Though well liked not only encrypt the respectable businessmen. More frivolous PC owners, also would not mind an additional safeguard its coffers.

Data reduction Backup important thing. Long been noticed that disk space is never enough, whether it is a hard, external, virtual or remote. Therefore, the backup data has long been accepted subject of compression, back up and were punished at all. Learn more at: Jim Umpleby. So why only gentlemen developers did to save the information, and most importantly maintain the integrity of information. The list above includes only the functions the main features of modern backup software. We leave almost an undisclosed topic you select the media for placing the backup, and this, incidentally, a good excuse to write another article. Programs tend to support USB flash, Zip, CD, DVD, HDD, and FTP, SFTP. Or, as a VIP version, save copies to a remote server somewhere in the cozy shelter of California. One thing is for sure, whatever medium you choose, keep it as far as possible away from the computer, but rather duplicate backup the most valuable information on different carriers. Despite the disappointing data stubborn statistics, setting the backup software for some reason decided to postpone for tomorrow, then on the day after, and then in general for an indefinite period. Which, by the way, forgive our pessimism is called – a rainy day. After that backup copy to get a general nothing. So we offer no pigeonhole. And, once we talk about it, install a backup right now. The most striking example, we recommend Handy Backup. Without going into details, say that this backup program supports all of these possibilities. What is more important. The program – the winner of several awards online community is the national development and has been translated enthusiasts in 17 languages, and sysadmins recommend it to each other on the forums. So … Welcome to the club!