Hesiquia Silence

Majorities Probably to all do not motivate everything to them what the Hesiscamo involves, their reach, content, nevertheless cannot be happened through unnoticed and for quines it interests its spiritual growth to them, can be of aid according to what involves. To spreading way, in order to collaborate with those who they are interested in him and to present its content, which locks up, this writing has been developed. For it considrese what it contributes mercaba.org to us, that the Hesicasmo is a form of contemplative life in which the communion with God by means of the solitude looks for, in hesycha, that is to say, in the internal and external tranquillity and in the continuous oration. Hesiqua in the spiritual authors at the same time indicates withdrawal, silence, outer solitude and inner union with God Higumeno Simen contributes to us on the matter, of the Hesiquia word. ). It is a word of Greek origin that could be translated by peace, silence, perhaps also by tranquillity of the heart. You know that difficult she is, from a word foreigner, to give a right translation and is therefore by which I evoke several meaning. In any case, in this term that means peace, silence, rest, it is necessary to put attention in not deforming the sense of the translation. For example, if we talked about to the word rest, one is not a rest that would evoke the dream.

In the tradition hesicasta is not absolutely tried to doze, we will see a little later it, is on the contrary a monitoring and action tradition. Hesicasta, that one that is going to look for to live in La Paz of the heart, in the calm, finds its model in the attitude of the Christ. The one that, attacked, answered, done violence to, has been able to happen through that crowd, without saying nothing, showing no aggressiveness because it had, evidently perfectly, a heart overwhelmed with peace.