History Department

But here's how to write this piece – very few students know and the more – Understand how to do it. It has become a part of our tradition of articles look at the guidelines of the one of Russian universities, where there is a full-fledged Department of History, and, therefore, students must write complete dissertations on historical topics with the problems. What we see in these recommendations? First, the authors rightly point out that "… involves a comprehensive analysis of the historiographical study the process of studying specific historical problems in the scientific literature and the definition of the least studied and most promising research directions, "and that" … the greatest difficulty in writing thesis on the history usually occurs in the writing section of historiographical introduction.

" As they say, who would argue … Secondly, given the structure of historiographical analysis, which includes a number of stages: the selection of historiographical phases; historiographical analysis of each stage: the selection at each stage of the main types of scientific literature on the problem; characteristics of the main types of literature, the main selection conceptual approaches to the study of the problem, the selection of authors who have made the greatest contribution to the study of the problem, and their major works, the allocation of key aspects of the subject, which were studied at each historiographical stage, formulation of conclusions – a selection of aspects and stages of regions within the object of research, which studied the least, etc. etc. That's right, no doubt. Only now there is one problem: the students in the abundance of terms is not something that is lost – and just drown, die.

The consequence of this is quite logical and understandable to the mere mortal (in this case – not professional historians) appeal to all sorts of real and psevdopomoschnikam assistants (who as luck) in the writing of dissertations – writers and individuals to numerous Internet sites. Most of them will write a research paper is bad, the low academic level, and especially – historiographical part of the introduction to her. But here on the students just can not complain. How could they, given the current state of the Russian system of higher education, to know about "a comprehensive study of the process of studying specific historical problems in the scientific literature, "or" separation of major conceptual approaches to the study of the problem? " Who, I'm sorry, this has taught them? It turns out that writing a diploma in history – not so much a problem but a whole separate history, often – the detective genre, quite often – a drama and even tragedy, when the department of "turns" God knows what 'helper' written thesis, leaving the hapless students in the state, which once More Pushkin said: "The people are silent."