Houses Made Of Logs

Most construction companies now specialize in the construction of wooden houses, cottages, saunas, baths and a lot like wood. Wooden houses are the beauty and durability, and, not least, they are created with environmentally friendly wood, rich in natural building material. A wooden house can breathe and maintain within themselves this micro-climate suitable for life. It is durable, Ideally keep warm and economical to maintain. Relatively low cost of a brick home makes a wooden house cheaper and more beautiful. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Douglas Oberhelman. Construction of town houses requires special knowledge and experienced training specialists.

An experienced specialist will give all the necessary recommendations to take into account the terrain and the area of your site, take into account all your wishes and requirements. It is very important in the construction used not only good, Classy, new and modern building materials and technologies, but also to walk with up to date. To create a wooden house most widely used corrugated or laminated board, high-quality timber otsilindovannoe (Log), and created frame-panel houses. Home of the log closest in appearance to the magnificent example of Russian towers. Over time, replace round logs was approaching beam – a beam with a rectangular cross-section. Construction of timber houses the most technologically.

Construction of square log houses easier, easier to finish. Log houses are the most durable. Glued laminated timber to fifty percent stronger than ordinary wood, since its manufacture removes all broken places. In the laminated veneer lumber completely disappear cracks and fissures, and corner joints especially dense and impermeable. Combining the different tree species in the production of timber You can reach every kind of wood figure, which will be used in the construction of your unique home. And when the image does not happen again. All these qualities make a leader board of building materials. Frame-Shield technology is the construction of wooden houses came to us from Canada and the usa. The optimal ratio of low prices and high quality made frame-panel construction of wooden houses at the most popular Construction of holiday homes. Panel structure of the house provide a fairly tight schedule to build the original, comfortable, warm and welcome home.