How To Increase Sales With ECommerce 2.0

Recently there has been increased interest in the possibilities of electronic commerce on the part of retailers. An increasing number of those who are implementing e-commerce tools and begin to manage business via the Internet. The influx of large numbers of new players stepped up the battle for time and budget buyer. Already past the time when you could just create a good site and waiting for the crowd of visitors. Now it is necessary use a variety of promotional methods to attract visitors. As a result of website promotion has become a complex and significant part of the overall costs of implementing the marketing strategy on the Internet. Nevertheless, to attract visitors is only half the job, even if the visitor is part of your target audience! You, as the owner of e-commerce site, first of all have to deal with the problem convert more visitors into real buyers. This requires several measures.

Unfortunately, a large number of potential buyers for various reasons leave the site even after they put the selected items in the basket. Most site owners largely underestimate the amount of refused customers. When conducting interviews, none of the respondents did not appreciate this portion of these customers in more than 30%. In fact, everything just otherwise! According to various studies, the level of failure for the average e-commerce site is equal to 67%! But those who could become the real buyers and make a purchase. So, what to do to convert the maximum number of site visitors into buyers and increase sales? Consider the latest developments in the Internet, which are united under the name Web 2.0 technologies can be used to increase the functionality of the website and reduce the failure rate from the purchase of already selected items.