In-GOLD Aims

The aim of the company "In-GOLD" – providing free counseling and information assistance in finding a bank, the management company and their products as way to attract customers to these organizations. In early September of this year, the company has been active in attracting banks and asset managers to cooperate. Were sent to more than one hundred sets of documents in various financial and banking organizations. Youth of the project should not talk about it risky, but rather about the prospects. After all, people fear the banking system and lack of understanding of the foundations of its operation – the main obstacles to a potential customer to the bank, and the fight against this kind of fear is one of the goals of the company. "In-GOLD" is planning to develop its activities in several areas, such as counseling by telephone, email, ICQ, an opportunity to create a query on the site, which also presents feature articles of a general nature, entitled "How not to be mistaken in choosing … "contribution, maps, cells, etc. Main difference from the identical company offers Internet-projects is in direct contact with potential clients of banks and UK by opening a consultation centers in places terrain, shopping and shopping complexes and provide unobtrusive assistance to any petitioner.

It works simply. To leased space in a shopping center located stand, packaged in corporate style. This is followed by an advertising campaign, through which clients learn about the open spot. At the same location, depending on the workload of the Centre activities are performed by 1.2 consultant who has access to computer and printer.