Innovative Strategies

Globalization Profile of the market more competitive market. with Changes. We need To know the market. To know the desires and yearnings of the customer. Profile of the consumer moved.

A new econmica classroom appears appears. BRIC Brazil, Russia, India and China. The BEEPER of China already exceeded Japan India that now has more rich family units who poor. Brazilian market that is in high with fine taste and yearnings for luxury products. Russia receives about 600 million dollar the oil exportations and gas. The GIP Is esteem that in 2050, markets BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) will generate 44% of the world-wide Gross domestic product. Chances the consumers are with bigger incomes to enjoy new products and services, thus searching status and social affirmation. The behavior of these new consumers they constitute a great chance for who wants to insert itself in the market, to consolidate as mark. Trade Marketing is not enough to know the essential promotions, events, integrated plan Commercial. Magnifying of the vision on the Trade function Marketing. Defining with clarity the companies the attendance excellency of and product need to concentrate themselves in. Conclusion more than what never the market needs to adopt innovative attitudes in face to the growth of emergent markets, thus taking care of the new social classroom that also is emergent.