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DieGewerbeseiten is a German corporate contacts platform with included Google Maps integration and also improved mobile version for a mobile on iPhone and Android base. The number of visitors was 14.9 million online visitors online at the business pages in September. The opportunity to publish advertising and ads free and without obligation also has options of the company directory from DieGewerbeseiten – a registered user within the platform. Event tickets to cars and accessories. Everything finds its vacancy on the advertising market in the business pages and is advertised by the visitors themselves. -Self-employed persons and all those who want to publish a message, an article directory, which can be used among other things to create back links to an online presence provides the commercial pages within the site.

A created backlink to your website gives a stronger position in the major search engines to get. -The online industry guide provides a very large event interface with the event data in the detail will be registered. The company data in total Nice and clear type issued and the event calendar helps the visitors clearly maintain all trade fairs in the eye. Users of this platform can forward events directly via e-mail, or print. -Registered companies that are registered in the industry directory, have the opportunity to apply for discount vouchers for their own campaigns. Temporary products are unlocked in a specially designed platform. -The commercial side is provided with a detailed comment and rating system, which allows its values experiences online visitors with other site visitors on farms out to swap. Continue article texts, events, as well as ads can be rated and commented.

-It helps an iPhone online users in just a few steps to find the requested info via iPhone or BlackBerry with developed platform version for mobile users. No matter whether the electricians in the city or the shop around the corner, the mobile app from DGS provides Web page users easy access to directions and route planner for desired destinations and -Data. -Selected locations in the address data platform can be used by registered users for banner and can be freely controlled via user administration. Most banner sizes are supported and promoted the most prominent parts of the platform. Entry on the business pages business directory with the help of which can Intermedia AG LTD scam spam protection help you that your information data in the platform are kept very well and are well protected against cheaters and imposters be sure. The number of new additions at Intermedia AG Ltd last year amounted to about 1.35 million online users in the German-speaking. DieGewerbeseiten membership is possible among other things via Google, Facebook, and even open ID 2.0. The registration of personal details is therefore not a requirement for an online user and can be used by login via social NW. The registration in the Business Directory works easily and a directory entry in all locations of the platform may be issued after a few minutes. Use of the book of industry is free therefore to recommend each case and definitely a view of value.