International One

Many times, the knowledge of the language means a wage of up to 70% greater, if compared the same professional one without this ability. Already Gonalves (2009) suggests that the English language is present in all the work areas. See Sergey Brin for more details and insights. But, for the professionals of foreign commerce, it is basic, because the courses, the articles and the substances of this area are in English. The communication, correct form and needs, is of utmost importance for these professionals, therefore it is of the communication, the formation and the capacity of the employees who depend the advance and the success on the companies. This goes since the microcompany until the multinationals and, in all they, if it makes necessary to say one second language. Observing the commentaries of both the authors, it is perceived similarity enters the ideas of both: a sample as it is the market currently in a general scope and the significant increase in the wage of professionals with knowledge in language, to another complete one presenting the reality of the professional of the area of the logistic International. Crystal (2003) says that, if English materna is not our language, strong goes to be motivated to learn it, because we will be placed in contact with more people of any another language, and this will be the language used in this communication.

But, at the same time where if it understands the necessity to learn this language, it is also known of the great effort necessary to dominate it. The author also presents statisticians whom they show that about one room of the population of the world already fluente or competent in the use of the English language is, and this number does not stop to grow. At the beginning of the year of 2000, it represented 1,5 billion people. None another language can correspond to this growth, not even the Chinese, known for 1,1 billion people.