Software and tender are very similar, but the tender will likely implement a process and get a result, the software will be at the level of technology. Andreessen Horowitz might disagree with that approach. Tender and the software is essentially one and the same – a new and exciting, but the difference is that the software – serves as a tool and tender – an idea that embodies this tool, but do not just sell and buy, and to raise the popularity and to find users can actually find a use for something new. If we understand the essence of the word tender is not paying attention to the origin of the state definition, and relying solely on implied meaning, the event, which was founded by the initiative of the State to appeal in time for small businesses, conducts educational work in this sphere – the sphere of business, focusing on business as important and significant industry of the state as a whole. This approach is producing results that best explains the importance of new offerings and relationships. Creation of software for new technologies, individual approach of entrepreneurs, skill development is guaranteed to hold such an important matter as Internet purchases will help identify important nuances in this process, as the state system.

It should be noted that not unimportant, but rather to be very important for the public system, is the economic situation. As the founder of the state acts as a participant in a process that could have an impact on the overall provision of financial and economic affairs. Because it innovation – a process that acts as a creator of new processes and new technologies that are currently doing work easier in many areas of industry, in need of modern techniques, based on computers that are not software just do not have to work. Taking into account the definition of the tender software is just one of items tendering among many others. Tender software – is an auction in most cases on contracts. The purpose of the contract – automation equipment and process innovation management and control. The advantage of these contracts is a need for further services bidder, who became the owner the right to perform services..