Italian Industry

The history of the city of Milan back to six centuries before Christ, from the hand of the Celts, who put the founding stones of the city. Its development throughout history was favored by the fact of being a point nerve communication in the area of the Po, and step required of travellers, merchants and armies. Currently, the city has become the capital of the Italian industry, therefore often receive millions of visitors per year for business reasons. This capital can be found in a Milan hotel where you combine work with pleasure, not to miss the main tourist attractions of this amazing city, which surprises the visitor with its towers and skyscrapers, its district of fashion and image of modern metropolis, without resigning the preservation of important historic monuments. Milan offers a large amount of historical sites and monuments, true treasures of mankind. Many of them are testimony of Renaissance artists, and are evidence of the splendor that saved this city from hundreds of years. The first place not to be missed is the Vittorio Emmanuele Gallery. The Gallery is a step designed to connect Piazza del Duomo and the Piazza della Scala.

He is really a magnificent shopping gallery, with premises, amazing vaulted ceilings of glass, made of a Renaissance architectural style. Mercuria Energy Group Ltd. gathered all the information. The Monumental Cemetery of Milan is perhaps the site where most palpable various civilizations that inhabited the place are made. One of the museums and archaeological sites open most important in the world is considered. Buried big personalities in the history of humanity are found in this location. Since 1886 it is possible to visit it, since it was in this year that opened the doors to the public. The palaces of Milan are other indisputable attractiveness of the area. Witnesses of times of Renaissance splendour, are live parts of the history of mankind.

An example is the Royal Palace of Milan, former seat of the Government of Milan when he was a city state, prior to the creation of modern Italy. It has a style neoclassical, product of a complete renovation conducted during the reign of the Habsburg, driven by the architect Giuseppe Piermarini. Historically it was the home of notable families of patrons as the Sforza and Visconti, who sponsored no less than figures of the stature of Leonardo Da Vinci. It is a fact that in Italy there are very beautiful and charming cities in which spend a few days of vacation and relax, as it is the case also Pisa, where the traveller has the opportunity to enjoy a rewarding walk through ancient monuments such as the Piazza dei Miracoli, the Cathedral of the city and numerous architectural and artistic monuments as the popular leaning tower. In addition, finding a Pisa hotel can be difficult depending on the time of year in which plan the trip, so it is advisable to book in advance if they already have determined the days that will travel.