John Heilmann

One hundred years of media history have taught us one if you can reach a large audience, you can sell advertising.” Michael Moritz will by Sequoia Capital this realisation the Internet rapidly commercial, because investors now support the young Internet companies or invest in advertising banner on online offerings. Media and advertising were always a few”John Heilmann is questioned increasingly privacy and Google in the 1990s so careless with search engines, because Google has made above all negative headlines. A claim from Google, is that IP addresses be any user-related data, largely been refuted. On the other hand, there was some trouble for Google Book Search project, to introduce. Another unresolved question is, what happens to the user information that is collected, if States want to force themselves to access this data, or whether they can do that.

A trend of the last years are social communities that have strong supply without integrated search functions, but also by the searchability of traditional search engines. These platforms are economically interesting for the research, but also for advertisers. Platforms like XING or different single exchanges, however, earn money through premium services”, so, purchasable in a subscription extensions to the standard services, such as advanced communications with other users of this platform. Recruiters from companies often use search engines to get information about your candidate. The combination of social guarantees and the search engine here proved dangerous tool for the candidates.

Since search engines check up today the presented contents and information not on accuracy and authenticity is the only way, to determine how trustworthy the information presented the parameters, are the placement in the search engine. However this only indicates whether other users felt that this content to be important or the author was versed enough to prepare its information search engine friendly. So that’s why still more is confidence books as information from the electronic media, because here apparently is easier to recognize the distinction between fiction and reality. Anyway enjoy the electronic media of a great popularity among the population, because they are versatile as print media and are subject to seemingly any censorship. The ability to look up knowledge quickly, has changed our way of thinking. When is a somewhat unknown, or they have forgotten it it looks up quickly it in search engines. The whole thing with the mobile Internet, that Apple’s iPhone has got a strong supply from that has become easier and faster. Policy an amazing development begins 2008, as Google is a key role in the election campaign to the US presidential election takes the group from mountain view supported Barack Obama financial and personnel and some anti-Obama blogs on Google servers had technical issues during the election campaign. The creation of Google, to block the blogs against Obama, was simply that they must be as been identified his spam and therefore checked.