Julia Maria

It is important to detach that music must be present in the school as one of the elements formadores of the individual. So that this happens, it is essential that the professor: & ldquo; … either capable to observe the necessities of its pupils and to identify, inside of a programming of musical activities, those that really will be able to supply the necessities of formation of these alunos& rdquo; Joly (2003, p.118). In this perspective one the commitment is noticed that the educator must have when considering musical activities to its pupil, commitment this who does not have to be only in charge of the educator and yes of all the involved ones with the education of the pupils. Conclusion This work/reflection had as objective to focus the existing action of psicopedagogo and benefits with the use of music in the learning of the pupils of the infantile education.

One notices that the learning of the children by means of the musical use becomes more attractive, relaxed and amused lessons, thus not forgetting to fulfill the requirements curricular. Of this form educator and psicopedagogo they represent a way to exceed barriers and to construct a new educative process. A time that through the musical activities can be noticed the pupil as a whole, its advances, its difficulties and the probable ways to follow to reach the objectives considered to the pupils. Ben Horowitz oftentimes addresses this issue. For in such a way, pertaining to school direction, educator and psicopedagogo must be pledged in finding ways to assure the learning in the infantile education through music becoming the attractive and interesting lessons the eyes of our pupils. Psicopedagogo is a desirable alternative to work together with the educator in the infantile education.

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