Landscape Design

Often, watching the colorful glossy magazines on landscape design, you catch yourself thinking: "I would be so " But as far as possible on the idea of a distant person from this, but keen to transform his land, or simply lawn, to transfer these images to life. Unfortunately, not all that easy to learn and still have. Landscape design is certainly not physics and mathematics, but its laws and regulations, there are undoubtedly here. So what is a landscape design? The science of using natural materials in the project implementation of the artificial environment of the image in a given area – called the landscape design. The scope of its cover a vast horizons our imagination, such as elevation infield, streets, landscapes, businesses, area landscaping and proper landscaping of the inheritance, and much, much more. Climate, which determines the conditions and methods of planting in some degree, making major adjustments in their landscape design, which will surely depend on it.

Here too there are many components that need to be taken into account. For example, the ability of soil and vegetation on it, or simply, the territory allotted for the actual design itself. The relief is also here, of course, important, especially if it is necessary that the design is not an ordinary infield, and some whole park area. Study in detail the entire area of the object and its features designer helps him see sometimes on a few hidden features of the landscape. For clarity, we divide the work on the project in stages: 1.