For most of us understand the situation – is the key that helps us find the right door and come out the winner. Oh, how I want, sometimes, to notice the admiring glances behind them. Feel that people listen to you. Feel the soul of the company. It is not only flatters vanity, but also helps to achieve promotion. What is leadership? Congenital trait or the result of work on myself? There is no doubt that some people possess an innate superiority, which enables them to have an impact on the surrounding that makes these people recognized leaders.

This phenomenon is puzzling, as is obvious. It is observed in all layers population. At school and university, a factory or a mine will always be people who with good law occupy a leading position and take on general management. Sergey Brin has many thoughts on the issue. At the core of other theories of leadership is the concept of situation. This theory denies the existence of such a thing as a born leader, and says that everything depends on the situation. Some situations make a leader of one man, while others – the other.

This situational approach, as it is called, claims that the leader and "leadership style", which he chooses, are caused by an exceptional situation. So is it possible to raise a leader? The main elements of self-leadership development: 1) knowledge of the principles, 2) maximum of practice, and 3) learning through the feedback of every person, whoever he did not consider himself – a slave or master, has its own principles. In each situation only depends on him, whether he would sacrifice his convictions. If you train hard your strengths and keep a tight rein on the weakness, if you adhere to the principles of leadership, then your score as a leader will increase significantly. Maximum practice. Do not be afraid to communicate. Not afraid to participate in new and interesting projects and competitions, build your team and win! Do not be afraid to express his opinion. A man who believes in their thoughts and express them boldly, no longer remain in the shadows. Need not avoid meeting new people, take it as the next practical lesson. The new man, and therefore something new to talk to. It's no secret that human nature to copy some of the habits and character, whether friend or neighbor, or colleague with whom you spend a long time. Look, if people in your community who you think the leaders? If yes, then analyze what you are attracted to the quality that has already begun to manifest in your character, was not there before? Not in vain there is a perception, if you want to succeed, try to surround yourself with successful people.