LED Luminous Ice

The student company D-ice. S.C. the Fontys College in Venlo sells LED ice cubes for polar bears in need. “” The D-ice. S.C.

student business was within the framework of the one-year project mini company”the Fontys Internationale Hogeschool Economie in Venlo 13 students from the study international business economics” and international marketing “founded in September 2009. It aims to implement the learned theoretical knowledge into practice and to market their own products to sell. The entire project mini company”by the organisation Jong Ondernemen”, an initiative of ABN AMRO Bank, supports. Is no limits to the creativity of the students in the product process. The company D-ice. S.C.

decided after intense market research, LED to market ice cubes and to sell. But not the own profit stands in the foreground. The proceeds generated from the one-year period of the project will be donated to help the WWF to the Habitat Conservation of polar bears. The so-called D-ice Cubes”are plastic cubes in ice cube tray, which include a cooling gel and three LEDs in the colours red, green and blue. Before using the LED be given ice cubes in the freezer and refrigerated 1-2 hours. The gel provides sufficient cooling of drinks and cocktails. Big advantage is that the taste is not diluted, as in conventional ice cubes. The colour representation can be a button on the D-ice cube”adjust individually, giving the beverage in addition an optical highlight which gives a special note to each party. The LED ice cubes are waterproof and designed for a sustainable use. “” The young student companies D-ice. S.C. sold the LED ice cubes D-ice cube “via the online shop on the Web page (www.d-ice.de) in a set of 4 D-ice cube” at a price of 5.99 Euro. D ice. S.C. will be represented on various Christmas markets, such as on the special Christmas market at the airport Weeze (18.12.2010 till 19.12.2010), where the mini companies of the Fontys Venlo are at the Center. “” We have so far a high resonance for our LED ice cubes D-ice cube “on the Christmas markets noted”, so Michael Goeres, managing the student company. “We are optimistic to increase the sales and thus also the proceeds from donations for the WWF – in the coming fiscal year.” D ice. S.C. Hulsterweg 2-6 5912 PL Venlo Netherlands