Life Action

Today I want to share their thoughts and analysis of its operations and business. So, a year ago, around the same time, my body and mind protested against the methods that I used in the construction of its network business: every day, handing out catalogs, teaching newcomers to the process, handing out 200 leaflets in a crowded place, organization of presentations, meetings, appointments, meetings, training, training, and again all around After which the language shoulder, legs do not carry the head does not think one desire: in the bath, and then on the couch But where your spare time? Where is the life of a dream, but she remained in his dreams? Work on the principle: call me all, and there shall understand The result is not one that is planned, naturally leads to think about, actually, where is the crux of the matter? Why not reach the goal? And here are two options: either I'm doing something wrong, or not enough action! The second immediately disappears, so a lot of action, the whole day to the minute! Hence the question is, do not those actions! And continuing to work at the same pace on the cold contacts, I still identified myself time that would understand and find, as well as others work networkers! For the world is not standing still, and sooner or later, the thoughts that visited me, visit any consultant at any level, any company that I have studied many sites leading his company, but nothing new is found, the sites Leaders of other companies, all in vain. . People such as Blake Krikorian would likely agree.