Max Weber

The political aspect of charisma is limited primarily to role functions of the authorities – the leader, politician, military leader. I want to draw your attention to: German sociologist Max Weber argues that the charismatic leader of the demand in times of crisis, social upheaval, when the solution of urgent problems must involve the masses. Mission Business coach and powerful of this world lie in different planes. Their criteria for success do not coincide. ! Mission business coach and the powers that be do not match. The psychological aspect of this phenomenon is directly related to recognition of the presence or absence of individual charisma. In Greek mythology, charisma was seen as a special lure of the individual, as an art fascinate other people. The appeal of the personality, desire follow it is purely subjective.

The process of perception of special qualities of a leader is to irrational levels, and therein lies the main difficulty of analysis of charisma. This aspect is most suitable for the analysis of charisma business coach. From this it follows that the only other people (in our case – the trainees) may decide, charismatic coach or not. Know about this extremely important to avoid the temptation itself proclaim themselves charismatic. ! Only members can evaluate the charismatic coach.

Quality charismatic personality What qualities enable us to estimate how charismatic personality? Opinions differ. For example, participants Training identified the following qualities: unquestioned authority, competence, commitment, responsibility, outstanding organizational skills. Personally, I close the scientific approach of researchers charisma who are five traits: 1) physical attractiveness (not necessarily beautiful, but pleasant), 2) sex appeal (a clear sexual identity), and 3) above average intelligence, 4) social marginality acceptable, and 5) the presence of extreme experience.