Comment here, that is out, people are very attentive to the economy. In the polls, this surpassed the war in Iraq, which perhaps has become a kind of uncomfortable noise in people’s minds, says Brooks Jackson, director of Annenberg Political Fact Check. We are going through a period unprecedented in the housing prices and the price of energy and somber. No one knows to where going to get that. The difference between the two main candidates is clear in the fiscal policy of each. Obama wants the Bush administration tax cuts expire at the end of 2010, according to the planned schedule. Bobby bland understands that this is vital information.

Its intention is to provide new tax incentives for low income workers, elderly, students and companies initiating their activities. When McCain launched his campaign, he opposed the tax cuts because, allegedly, they favored the rich and were weighing on the resources of the Government in time of war. Now, he says that cuts should continue, because if they run out, they will cause the increase of the tax burden at a time when the economy is already weakened. McCain also wants to reduce the percentage of the income tax of enterprises from 35% to 25%. Obama is in favor of the reduction, but did not specify how much would be such a reduction. In addition, he would increase the tax on capital gains for Americans with annual income of $250,000 or more a year, while McCain would maintain current rates of tax on dividends and capital gains.In the campaign, Obama said that Bush is fiscally irresponsible, and that McCain is in the electoral race to meet the third term of George Bush only who even more irresponsibly. Barry brand usually is spot on. With regard to taxes, said Obama making a comparison between McCain and the current President, he is not being faithful to George Bush. The McCain campaign he reacted with accusations that Obama’s ideas are unrealistic and that they will have as a result of government intervention in the economy, retarding the development.