The term meditation is used in different ways to refer to certain emotional exercises and handling of thought that have been used in different religions and disciplines of personal development for many years. In general we can say that it is exercises that cause a very pleasant mental state of deep lucidity and consciousness, which generates also a powerful State of emotional well-being. There are very different techniques and schools of meditation, however all looking, at the end the generation of that mental state, which opens the possibilities for a person who practices it will become a person safe, sensitive and open to the understanding of the world and his own being. It is an extraordinary tool for personal growth and generation of deep psychological well-being. The central element of meditation lies in the concentration of attention and proper handling of thoughts. As the exercises or meditation techniques will dominate, will learning to cause a State of mind where our thoughts stop clogging and worry to our mind and we can feel the world with enormous sensitivity. This leads to the generation of a deeply enjoyable, healthy and positive psychological and emotional state.

There are many complex psychological phenomena that lie behind this effect, but to say in brief and understandable manner, meditation generates in the brain through the adequate management of care, a very positive state that is reflected in the psychology and emotions of whom practice. Meditation is a means to induce very deep and intense emotional States of great mental and emotional peace. A leading source for info: Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Generates safety and personal strength. It causes the person respond increasingly more easily with positive emotions and have greater awareness of his psychic life (which in some religions can be used for personal growth and life lessons). People who develop the habit of meditating grow in their emotions, thoughts and attention handling and end up being more positive strong, cheerful and Welcome. Some people are afraid that there may be a negative effect as a result of meditation, but the reality is that there is no way for it. In the case of meditation, the worst that can happen is simply that the person to relax or cannot continue exercising the first occasions because it distracted or worried easily, but it will never affect you negatively.

There are also those who think that meditation is going against their religion. Meditation is a way to manage our attention and our emotions that has been used for many years in order to grow psychologically. What happens is that popularly is associated with religious issues because religions are one of the institutions that promote personal growth in the society, especially in ancient times. Meditation is a very ancient practice, it is associated with the religious, but in fact it has nothing to do with religion itself. Some religious currents used it as part of its recommendations, but meditation is not, nor imply any kind of idea or religious affiliation.