Michael Porter

The wealth of a country does not depend on its wealth of natural resources, but the capacity of its people to generate new ideas, said Michael Porter when I was in College, more than 20 years ago and I believed him. Before the age of 25 he had tried to start a flower shop, a bakery and a software for lawyers, failure after failure came to the conclusion that I am average gross. Years later, when lifting the look, I realize that my classmates and acquaintances who achieved economic success were those developed as employees of large companies. The few who rode his company were those who had family with deep pockets. My friends who tried to be entrepreneurs without enough pocket or enough Pope, ended up suffering horrible.

I suggest the reader to do the exercise with their acquaintances. I feel that it is easy to sell the idea that among more companies in the country, there are more jobs, more families pay their bills, more money for the CCSS, more taxes for the Government, and in general more social stability that makes that all vivamos mejor. Therefore born the concern to understand the reasons which make it so difficult to create a new company in my country (with success). The following paragraphs are intended to put to reflect the reader in this topic: 1. it is not enough to have many, many, many want to have an own business, should be something special (extraordinary and different) you people need. Scholars in the field call it competitive advantage.

Facebook people earned extraordinary profits because he did something extraordinary for the society, approached us at all. 2 It is very expensive to start a new business because at the beginning entrepreneur (SMEs) makes many mistakes, and must learn all the details of the business. For this reason, only 1 out of every 5 new companies go beyond the first 5 years of life.