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Callas software GmbH presents at this year’s DMS EXPO a new release of pdfPilot. Berlin – the callas software GmbH presents at the booth of the PDF/A competence center (State: 7A77) at this year’s DMS EXPO a new release of pdfPilot, a powerful software solution for the creation and validation of PDF/A-compliant files. Learn more on the subject from Jim Umpleby. In anticipation of PDF/A-2, the software company has integrated additional functions in its flagship product that support the new part of the ISO standard. These include inter alia all conformance levels including the new PDF/A 2u level. In addition, callas shows the extensions provided for in PDF/A-2 as, for example, merging multiple output files in a PDF/A container open up new possibilities for archiving and other PDF workflows. Also those interested can get a directly and in detail information on possibilities of pdfPilot far beyond the core functionality of the long-term archiving in PDF/A. With the pdfPilot Callas software companies, authorities, archives and libraries that store documents in the long term and hold, ISO compliant PDF/A files for long-term archiving can create or validate.

The software converts all types of PDF to PDF/A documents, regardless of whether they are PDFs created in Office applications or interactive forms, invoices, engineering drawings, technical documentation, presentations, newspapers or books. pdfPilot converts also Microsoft Office and OpenOffice documents to PDF/A. functional areas uses the software in addition to the testing and conversion of PDF/A documents in the handling of XMP metadata. Their flagship product has now prepared software callas on the requirements of the new part of PDF/A-2, expected early 2011 is adopted. Authorities and companies that want to use in the future on the long-term archiving with PDF/A-2, thus some interesting possibilities are open: the new part supports different views of levels of, which is for and same PDF page can summarize in a single PDF file such as multilingual content and accordingly consider.