Mikogo To 1st Place In The Category

Mikogo is cloudsider.com, the platform for reviews best online meeting tool before Skype and GoToMeeting Mannheim, Germany, 22 November 2013 and Mikogo chooses price comparison of cloud services, online hard drives and online storage, in the category of online meeting tools”to the winner. 92 Out of 100 possible points is the desktop-sharing party far ahead of the market companions of GoToMeeting, TeamViewer, WebEx, and Skype. Mikogo impressed the jury as an independent program with a very competitive pricing model and a comprehensive functionality”. The comparison examined the different functions, security, customer service, as well as the use in addition to establishment and operation still on different operating systems, browsers, and mobile devices. The test criteria in the overview the review examined participating providers following categories: product and costs (Mikogo: 90 out of 100 points) set up and operate (Mikogo: 87 out of 100 points) functionalities (Mikogo: 95 out of 100 points) access (Mikogo:) “(97 von 100 Punkten) security (Mikogo: 94 out of 100 points) customer service (Mikogo: 90 out of 100 points) in addition to the product presentation has become cloudsider.com with both the simple and clear” test phase used apart as all five pricing models free, basic, professional, team and Enterprise investigated and as cheap “classified. Coal Funding will not settle for partial explanations. The test platform is the two ways of the invitation to a planned session, as well as the spontaneous starts of a session to set up an online meeting with Mikogo.

The missing Outlook integration mentioned by cloudsider.com and other calendars with Mikogo is already in planning. We will improve the integration with Outlook and other calendars in the coming year and our additional integration capabilities into CRM systems and other platforms create API”, says Mark Zondler, Managing Director of Mikogo. Highest safety standards and functionality essential for test victory on the test examines the existing functionalities, such as chat, whiteboard, and Mark function and audio conference over VoIP. Also the parts of the presenter screen for training sessions or tutorials, as well as the use of Mikogo for transferring multiple monitors are illuminated in closer. “In terms of security” cloudsider.com Mikogo mentioned as German company that sends all data about German Server for German customers and it focuses on the highest security standards.

Mikogo service is hidden question-answer test on a covert E-Mail request, which asked several questions on various topics, has good customer support and comprehensive”replied. Mikogo provides functionally according to the test report a comprehensive range, which is required for online meetings. Also, the software is clear and modern in design, so that you quickly find your way. With a reasonable price structure the appropriate tariff is for individuals, small and large businesses certainly. Mikogo is a great value as German companies on security. Therefore, are always used data “highest 256-bit AES encryption helps protect and be sent via German Server.” Link to Mikogo test in the details: test link to overview of the 10 examined provider: online-meeting press contact Paul Waley; E-Mail: about Mikogo: Mikogo (www.mikogo.de) provides an innovative and easy-to-use desktop-sharing technology that is used for Web conferencing and collaboration over the Internet. More than one million registered users in over 180 countries use the Mikogo software. The customer base consists mainly of small and medium-sized companies that use the program for online meetings, Web conferencing, remote maintenance, and online training. Currently, more than 3,000 companies use Mikogo technology and benefit from significantly reduced travel times and lower travel costs.