National Federation

Colombia, after Holland, is the producing major of flowers of the world. More than 200,000 tons of flowers they are annually exported by a value superior to the 1000 million dollars. Of them, 85% are destined to the United States. More on a million Colombians, on a total population of 43 million, it depends of the flowers for his survival. And the Day of San Valentin is the one that determines if the balance of the companies of the producers and transporters will close in black or red. A sounding of the National Federation of Retailers determined that the North Americans set out to spend in this San Valentin an average of 102.50 dollars by person, compared with the 122,98 of the previous year. The fall could be sharper in the case of the flowers. Colombia exports to the United States 62% of all the sold roses; 92% of the carnations; 93% of the crisantemos and 97% of alstroemerias, also known like irises Peru.

There are other flowers with romantic references. The narcissuses symbolize eternal love; the tulips represent the loving perfection; lilacs invoke the purity and the orchids represent love and refinement. But the roses dominate widely preferences when one is loving questions. Or Greek and the Romans associated the rose with the love and its essence was used in East to produce aphrodisiac oils and perfumes or to drink it in infusions. Nevertheless beyond the commerce that it can generate, this day the human beings of this planet indicate their feeling, through remembering the importance of the love, the affection, being enamored and to render tribute to that being or beings to him that is loved and decide to celebrate it intensely. Wikipedia remembers to us, the first association between the romantic love and the Day of San Valentin of Foules (1382) of English poet Geoffrey Chaucer is in the Parlement (1343-1400): Because this was the day of san Valentin, when each bird came here to choose its pair.