Neonatal Center

Giving beginning I remove to it, they had been joined, and the Simeo presented it the group, speaking of its experiences, as administrator and also knowing each one that was gifts there, said and made some ranks, demonstrating the difference of the power and authority and charging by that each one must take personal decisions on the application of these principles its lives. as if to get the leadership. The group is divided in six components, that participate remove of it, that they are; Lee, the preacher, Greg, a young sergeant of the Army sufficiently vain person. Teresa, of Hispanic, managing origin of a school public, Chris, a black, high and attractive woman, trainer of the teams of basquete of the State University of Michigan. A woman called Kim nurse-head the Neonatal Center of the Hospital Providence in the south of the state and John Daily. The thought of all was joined and arriving at a consensus on leadership it defined: It is the ability to influence people to work enthusiasticly aiming at to reach to the identified objectives as being for the common good.

E catching thought of ' ' sociologist Max Weber' ' , the preacher defined with its words the difference of being able and authority. To be able: the college to force or to coerce somebody to make its will, because of its position or force, exactly that the person preferred not to make it. Authority: The ability to take the people to make of good will what you want because of its personal influence. In day-by-day, they are imposed, those basic definitions which a leader must follow and have to be respected. Definitions such as: submission, humildade, love and mainly to know to hear. Also it emphasizes the paradigms and it shows the correct ways to sail in the life, in way adjusted around us and in the organizations and of other people.