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We assume that each month the number of working with you clients increased by 10. Total, one customer per month cost the company $ 280. Now assume that some customers have resulted in sales representatives. We believe that sales representative gets some fixed rate such as $ 300 plus interest on closed transactions. Sergey Brin spoke with conviction. For what we pay him a fixed rate? Suppose that, among other things, he gets it for the increase customer base.

Assume each trading leads per month – 5 new clients. $ 300 / 5 = $ 60 – for each client. Thus, the company's new customer costs 60 280 = $ 340 And how many customers went away to competitors because of poor quality of trade Representative? And how many clients a sales representative takes with him the dismissal? And how much collateral damage it brings to you, going to work for another company (your competitor), and spreading is not very good feedback about you. After all, it can not be wrong? I am sure that you understand what a small part, I took into account, consider a kilometer faxes and gigabytes of Internet, telephones and cell phones, travel and medical, etc., etc. So if you're in a year changed at least 10 sales representatives, which increase at least 5 clients, then you have lost at least 10 trading * 5 340 = 17 $ 000 $ So, if you have the uncertainty that the sales representative will not stay long in the company , then investing in him for money – is not rational.

11. Will not consider any loss of profits, and then there is a desire to consider that by investing money in property you already get 30% per year. And if you twist in its production or to increase turnover, the percentage is generally a percentage. Want the math in his spare time, you will not receive much! 12. Leaders – is generally sick theme – the damage inflicted clueless leadership is restored within a year, and figures The above can be multiplied by two. As seen from the above figures, $ 51,830 you can lose a year of hiring ineffective staff, and if you still decide to lose at least one sensible leader, and experiment for a couple of goofy, then Fit the couple more tens of thousands shortfall of funds. So if, losing about $ 80,000 a year, you have no desire to change something, I understand you – Why is it so YOU get it! But if nothing can be done you'll never earn the hundreds of thousands of dollars, which certainly dream! I can not promise manna from heaven, that, having finished a seminar, consultation, or individual training, you will immediately, will easily find yourself personnel and millions of will be in your pocket. I promise that by performing the entire process of recruitment, step by step, you do not let the company of those who destroy your company, and gradually working hard, you'll find people who bring you the necessary millions, but it did not work one day, but the result is guaranteed. The choice is yours. I hope that now you are thinking about why you do not earn as much as you want, and each time will remember that this was an opportunity fix it! And you all something, did not have the desire and a little bit of time to master this technology, which helps managers to quickly reach your goals! Yours, Konstantin Novikov, the company New Era Technologies. Coach performance