One Powerful Technique

One of the reasons that many coaches do not develop – is limited thinking and the 'angle'. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from JPMorgan Chase. And the more award-winning coach gets, the more often he gets stuck in the maze of my knowledge and 'bronzoveet'. By the same author: JPMorgan Chase. And if Suddenly a party dares to doubt his words, the party is waiting for a severe punishment, or simply ignored. Even more nightmarish often looks sturdy communication trainers with each other, which attempts to find a new meaning is sometimes no more than the girls in white dresses in the basement sewer)) The basic matter coaches, meeting each other face off charisma, authority and personal experience gained … unfortunately. What to do not to become so hardened limited coach, to stay alive and open to what is happening around and continually grow in their profession? Technique 'The total YES' Essence technology adoption and approval of the interlocutor of finding him as with What can agree, and only then unfold of what exactly you can not agree.

Example. Participant says: Your technique in life does not work! Reply from the 'of Total NO' is usually given in the style of 'the fool'. It can be rough or polite, but essentially it does not change. Position Coach: I've been leading, I know the truth and do not argue with me. And if you do not like what I say, you can blame on all four sides. The answer of 'Yes, of Total.

" Yes, very interesting. And in some cases it does not work, please tell us. And if the party will actually lead a real example where this technique does not work: Super! Thank you! Thanks to you we have found an exception to the rule. An important point: If the agreement is a formal, it still kind of the first case, just the coach is trying to be polite and kind)) And why look for meaning and try to first accept and agree (at least partially)? Everyone – the support of specific knowledge and experience.