You've been intends to buy a serger and thought and finally decided. New serger is ready to occupy an honored place in your workshop. But before you immerse themselves in learning the subtleties of your new a friend, you must read the instruction manual of the equipment. After spending some time on this procedure, you will be able to prevent future problems with my overlock. What to do: Always use four identical threads to work on overlock. Do not be afraid to use as many threads.

Remember that the looper usually requires about five meters of thread. This will help you include in the process all spool simultaneously. If you do not want to use a lot of threads, then you should buy the small spools. However, one should consider that the lifetime warranty of any kind of thread does not exceed five years. Do not forget about this.

Should be used for easy sewing. If you offer a sign-education courses on the overlock not refuse. Maybe you know how to sew and overlock already used, but should note that new purchase can do is not familiar to you function. Need a way to explore the detailed instructions for use, as a guarantee does not cover damage caused by negligence, permitted an inexperienced seamstress. From time to time change the needle correctly selecting the desired size. Malfunction overlock arise primarily as a result of improper use of needle size. It should be noted that the needle overlock to change at the same time, even if broken, only one of them. Do not forget to invite the masters of 1-2 times a year and check Overlockers regularly. This procedure is necessary, as will avoid the appearance of serious problems. What not to do: Do not throw away the carton and packaging material, as it may be useful for transporting overlock. Consistently refuel filament serger. In no case do not violate sequence, as this can cause unforeseen problems. Do not panic if there are failures in the overlock. Check whether you have prepared it to the top job. Perhaps you have missed anything. And yet. Enjoy an unforgettable hours of work for overlock. Overlock can save a lot of time and create a work of art.