Own Homepage But No Visitors?

The success of a website depends on the number of visitors! The Internet is the medium of our time. You may find that Jenna Fischer can contribute to your knowledge. Virtually no area more where the Internet is not represented. For more information see Yves Bissouma. Unlike even to the early days of the Internet everyone is nowadays also handy to able to create their own homepage. Either you used for creating special software such as Dreamweaver or FrontPage, or, even easier, we created a website directly online according to the modular principle (there are numerous provider). You have the wherewithal, you can assign also a professional Web Designer with the creation. The site is first created, are concerned is still quickly an own Internet address (under which one then finds the homepage in the Internet-> URL), enough Web space (disk space on the server of an Internet provider, is placed on the homepage) and you are \”online\”.

One is site online, with the of course the question arises how to get many visitors on his side? No matter what motif to the site put online has, whether as a Web shop operator, to sell products, or just for private purposes of fun and laughter, everyone is looking for \”targeted traffic\”, so-called \”targeted traffic\”! Therefore, targeted traffic because only such visitors of importance, which are interested in the contents of the respective website or look for it. \”Search\” is this already a very good keyword, over 90% of Internet users access search engines to their destination, so the the website that contains the desired content. The biggest and most important search engine is Google, so it is his site on Google login prerequisite \”to list\”, i.e. to appear in the search results. Due to the amount of sites on the Internet, and there are thousands more daily, must the sites classifies naturally into the search results pages. This is summarised as follows to understand: an Internet user in Google enters a specific search term, which for example also to the content their website fits, all listed websites are issued as search results that contain the entered search term.