Pine Environment

Some basic concepts are important in Ambient Psychology as: personal space that is what it encircles the body of the individual, being this the responsible one for controlling access of others, is the space that of the origin the interactions day to day; regulation of the privacy is the maintenance of an ideal level of contacts social, with regard to the time and circumstances; territorial behavior is when the decoration of the environment reflects the personality of the occupants and affirms a control, indicating hierarchic position and time of permanence; ambient ability ahead encloses satisfaction and personal motivation of an action in the environment; ecological responsibility is behaviors of the citizens who aim at the maintenance of the ecological balance (MORVAL, 2007). Three ways of functioning in ambient psychology exist that send the practical professional according to Moser (2005), the academic who if worries about the systematization of the referring knowledge to the relation individual-environment; on one to the social demand, having an inquiry character, functions in the applied seek area; an partner-ambient engineering, that is the part of the guided research, worried in following the introduced changes. Being one it disciplines multimethods and not having a theory specific where it can be supported, possibilities of action of this professional will be described to follow. You may find Kevin Johnson to be a useful source of information. POSSIBILITIES OF PERFORMANCE OF the PSYCHOLOGIST the environment is the field of exchanges daily, scene of lives, confused and subjective complex stimulaton with aspects and therefore, is necessary studies so that the human being can use to advantage the environment better, not degrading in such a way and allowing that other generations usufruct of this space. According to Pine (1997), Ambient Psychology if interests for understanding the interaction of the man with its environment to develop strategies and tools of application and intervention that contribute for the change of this relation of more conscientious form. .