Prague Firm

It happens that the company is willing to purchase or consume an existing entity with lack of activity. This option is considered more exclusive than permanent. In all three versions of the current leadership of the firm receives the additional costs of liquidation. Note that the passage of procedure might completely in the absence of active promoters and directors by completing any necessary powers of attorney notarized. Provided that the founders will be able to attend in person, the procedure for second option is accelerated, in other embodiments, the presence of the current leadership of the Czech Republic does not alter the firm's timing and amount of costs. In our practical experience renewal entities Czech Republic, the owners of the object Property in Czech Republic. In this case, the new founders are the owners not only to firms in the Czech Republic, but also real estate, which is written on this company. In this embodiment, gain operating the founders of the firm, since change of ownership of real estate firms, they avoid paying tax on the sale of the property in the Czech Republic.

Existing mortgages on real estate in the Czech Republic and issued by the company with foreign partners and in no way prevent its re-registration. Data on new firm founders will be transferred to a bank lender and the agreement will be signed mortgages with new principals. In this scheme, and subject to renewal of existing business Czech Republic, for example, re-registration, along with the company restaurant, beauty salon, shop or any other concern. In this case, all valid licenses issued by the firm for doing business, keep their force, and the new founders continue to do business in the Czech Republic on existing licenses. Lawyers and notaries who work in "Prague Lion providing their services in Prague quickly and professionally prepared to deliver customers from obligations throughout the Czech Republic. Cancelled immigration to the Czech Republic in its completion should be lawful for any alien liquidation of personal commitments to the Czech Republic before the laws of the Czech Republic and the Czech Republic before the state authorities, primarily for the tranquility of the foreigner and for further movement in Europe.