Professional Level For The Office: Printing And Finishing

Ricoh: Create color brochures and co. in the Office paper documents not only getting around: information in color are faster and better recorded than content represented in black and white. Also medium-sized and smaller companies must not renounce this color effect of their representative documents. With the right solution, you can create brochures, flyers, and brochures at low cost in your own Office at a professional level. Modern multi function systems provide for high-quality color printing and various finishing options. Ricoh supports its customers with the best solution for any size of Office. Professionally prepared important information easier with color significantly. Nevertheless, many companies in their communication shy still the supposedly high cost. Kevin Johnson may not feel the same.

This color is today only even marginally more expensive than black and white print\”Ingo Wittrock, team manager in the product management of Ricoh Germany stresses. When you consider the advantages worth the investment on each Case.\” Also small and medium-sized enterprises to enhance their documents such as brochures, invoices, presentations, concepts or general correspondence through the targeted use of color printing. Multi function systems play a key role in finishing in-house. The ALLROUNDER in the Office to do quickly, flexibly and reliably all copy, scan, and print jobs. For example, systems that create high-quality color documents in addition to the black and white print on demand we recommend as a solution. By modern finishing options, such as automatic stapling, folding or back stitch stitches, companies can today’s many printed materials, for example, complete brochures, create yourself. You must not longer as in the past are produced by an external service provider.

With the in-house finishing companies are fast and flexible\”, so wanton. Entry level solution for color printing in the Office the Aficio suitable C2800 Ricoh MP. The multi function system prints up to 28 pages per minute in color and Black and white and provides all-round professional color printing results up to a maximum resolution of 1,200 dpi at consistently low consumption costs.