Richard Popkin

One verifies the hypotheses another one not, is contemplativa. Or, one is more qualitative while another one is qualitative. 10 _ As we can understand the changes in the world vision that occur in this period? The scientific revolution can be considered a great accomplishment of the human critical spirit, with its formularization of bold and innovative hypotheses and with its search of alternatives for the scientific explanation; however when taking off the land of the center of the universe and when bringing for the first plan the science of the nature, if moves away from the subjects central offices in such a way from the humanismo and the reform, suffering in many cases the conviction of protestants how much of catholics. The man leaves of being the microcosm that reflects in itself the largeness and the harmony of macrocosmo, the new theories dissociando radically the nature of the universe of the nature human being. 11 _ Where measured the context of the beginning of modernity is propitiates to the retaken one of the old skepticism? The skeptics if had detached in the antiquity for the questioning of the dogmticas pretensions when knowing and for pointing the inexistence of a decisive criterion to decide disputes and conflicts between theories and rivals. He is curious that the old skepticism, as much in its pirrnica source how much academic, has practically been ignored in the medieval period, and resurging in so strong way at the beginning it modern thought, being able exactly to be considered one of chains philosophical more important and influential of the time, with a decisive contribution for the formation of this thought, as it demonstrated Richard Popkin. 12 _ Which the main characteristics of the skepticism at the beginning of the modern thought? The opposition between old and the modern excite the problematic skeptic of the conflict of the theories and the absence of conclusive criterion for the validity of these theories.