Rio De Janeiro

CHAPTER II Isabel negotiates with the Isabel Retail dealers decided then, if to interest for the businesses of the father, and more it was not satisfied in only weaveeing crochr with its mother. This now wanted to know what it was an arroba? How much it cost? With how many ourios of chestnut it gave a box? That type of merchandise it it could change with a chestnut box with the Retail dealers who brought of everything. The interest of the young woman for the businesses of the father, brought it one rewards so great, its father Manoel Vidal had given to it plenary powers on the businesses, and is clearly, total confidence, and the old taboo had been broken, ' ' the woman place is not alone in the kitchen is also in negcios' '. That small port seemed that if it had become part of Rio De Janeiro or So Paulo, after all, in great cities it only was that the man trusted that the woman took the front of the businesses of the family and was a little independent. In the small cities, and, still more being in Amazon in simple Large cabins the women only they were remembered for the domestic tasks and is clearly the night, for the act, the accomplishment of the desires flesh times of the men. Then, after to have received authority to negotiate with the retail dealers, Isabel made each negotiation with sufficient efficiency not to displease its father, and, is clearly, not to lose the chance to continue in front of the businesses to find so waited boat again Rivals, that it brought Tone Cavalcante. Days, months had been transferred and until at last, so waited it arrived, but, the father of Isabel, although not to be the front of the transactions, folloied the son to protect it of the gavies, that very, they desired to possess it. .