Savana Weight

The introduction of the Black Belly in Roraima occurred for the borders with Venezuela and Guyana. In the following decade, it was observed introduction of animals of the race Saint Ines carried through for creators whom they searched in the alternative ovinocultura of exploration, notadamente amongst those of origin northeastern. More recently, the presence of animals of the Dorper race has been observed being introduced with the purpose to improve the carcass for occasion abates of it. Ahead of this reality a new phase in the creation was initiated where if it observes the construction of suspended apriscos, use of pastures, greater concern with handling aspects, alimentary suplementao and with the health. The objective of this article is to tell to the data most recent on the performance of the ovinos in the diverse systems of creation and ecosystems. One is about information gotten in experimental areas of the Embrapa Roraima, as well as in particular properties where if the comments made for researchers and the proper creators can have access the referring data. Table 1. Weight to the rising and the 90 days of ovinos Saint Ines in different environments in Roraima.

EcossistemAnoPastagemTipo racialPeso (kg) Nascer90 days Savana1988NativSanta Ins2,9910,4 Savana2009NativMestios Saint Ins3,6010,5 Savana2008Brachiaria humidicolSanta Ins4,2019,0 humidicolMestio Savana2008Brachiaria S. Ines x B. Negra2,9411,8 Floresta2008Brachiaria humidicolSanta Ins3,5016,80 For the conditions of Roraima is esteem that the weight year to be born either inferior the 2,5 kg. Comparing the existing information, to the race Saint referring Ines to the years of 1988 and 2009, in savannah environment (native pasture), the weight to the rising passed of 2,99 for 3,60 kg, being that in 1988 they had used animal Saint Ines, predominantly, with white pelagem, whereas in 2009 the information mentions animal mestizos to it with the use of reproducers Saint Ines with good racial standard (Table 1). For the weight to the 90 days, although optimum racial standard of the animals in 2009, did not have difference with regard to the weight for the referring data the 1988.