Scientific Advisory Board

Now there is online: Leipzig’s first Museum of citizens for citizens. “After our research Leipzig is home to ‘ the first real online Museum in Germany, which is built up by citizens of a town with” so SinnLeffers managing director Simon Grunewald. By the Hanoverian communications agency pilot: project realized project, which is under home in the Internet, now aims to stimulate the Leipzig employment with their city. After a few weeks, this seems successful. Daily Leipziger visit US to make available to us old photographs, films and recordings”, Garcia is pleased that initial skepticism about a broad consensus and enthusiasm for the project is gone. It already several hundred pictures and text, but also video and sound documents were issued that are made now step by step online.

Interested for all information related to the project, see in addition to the exhibits. You also learn how to make with can. Because the exhibits, which have already been filed, should be only the beginning. Football rarities at the Web Museum also join clubs. So visitors will admire soon Lok Leipzig exhibits from 100 years of FC, including rare photos of the legendary Squad of 1913.

life stories from Leipzig in addition to sport a number of other headings. So the diverse life history of Leipzig woman of the Roman Empire until the last years of the GDR is described and illustrated by photographic rarities. An other Leipzigerin remembers the devastating night of bombing of the 4 December 1943. The most interesting exhibits are regularly in the series exhibit of the week”presented in detail. A Scientific Advisory Board under the direction of Dr. Cathrin Friedrich classifies historical memorabilia and providing them with explanatory texts. Who want to inform yourself about Leipzig history more closely, can specialise in the online chronology, the documented development of Leipzig between 1900 and 2008. Gallery of museum founder Simon Grunewald a rubric is particularly on the heart: the Gallery of the museum founder. We are particularly grateful to all who join in and lend us their exhibits,”, so Garcia. Without them there never would be the project”, he adds. Because this is so, all donors will be acknowledged.