Selection Methods For Shares

Only 9 percent are counting on broker 2011 financially was not a particularly good year for shareholders. Many investors had expected to decrease due to the bad developments and not rarely the economic problems of the EU prepared them headaches. More info: Alphabet Inc.. Despite these continuing difficulties and ever greater numbers of doubters, many people set shares of its election this year. The online portal has itself belongs to this issue at its users to and asking questions to their preferred methods of selection for potential purchases. According to the recent survey to the stock market and the behavior of investors, most people in the selection of promising stocks rely on their own knowledge in this area.

About 21% of the 294 respondents users justify their choice thus on own technical and fundamental analysis, while another 14% on its own fundamental analysis. Ranked two of the most widely used methods of selection, the share purchase on the basis of relevant news items located with 16%. Furthermore, potential use Shareholders often technical analysis charts and indicators, and Borsennewsletter for their decisions. About 10% of users, however, rely on tips expressed by editors of the financial magazines. A surprising result is that only 8% of respondents shareholders relying on statements made by Exchange letters and justify their purchases on their position.

Even brokers and bankers as specialists of the industry reached a place with only 9% at the end of the list of the most common selection criteria for 2012. Only a few users seem the survey after their Council to deem useful or helpful.