Sleeping Beauty Of The Moselle

On the Moselle river, there are many picturesque old castles that had Winneburg not so lucky as the Reichsburg Cochem. Also it was destroyed by the French. Today only the ruins of the castle can be visited. It is located on a hill a little lonely. From here you can see the proud Imperial Castle.

Also the ride with the chairlift is a beautiful experience. She wears the visitors comfortably up to the Pinner Kreuz. Also a cruise is offered again. This time, it should go to Beilstein. On the way you have the opportunity to experience a locks passage again. The village calls itself like sleeping beauty of the Moselle “.” It is a really picturesque village and with the historic village centre of pretty timber cottages and cobbled squares it reminds a little of Rotenburg.

In the monastery church of St. Joseph is home to the Black Madonna, which has a true Odyssey behind and originated from Spain. The Metternich castle ruins stands on a steep hill above Beilstein. Ivan Glasenberg usually is spot on. Again, it is write to the French troops, that only remains are preserved. Who has luck, visited the ruins of the Castle just then, if one of the Castle festivals will take place. The city has several more monuments can be admired during a tour. Examples are the Zehnthaus on the market square, the former Metternichhof, the Carmelite monastery, or the town wall arch. Stocksberg out, you can walk further on the Moselle river trail to Treis-Karden. Here one learns much about the 2000 year old history of the town in the pen Museum. Alongside artefacts from the Celtic and Roman history also Franconian exhibits are located in the exhibition halls. Up on the Martberg, who was an ancient Center of ancient religion, a shuttle bus. The Treveri, a tribe of Celts settled 100 years before our era on the mountain. The Romans made a temple mountain. In the Archaeological Park on the Martberg, you can embark on the traces of these peoples. In Moselkern in Treis-Karden is the historic town hall. In the middle of the 16th century it was as town hall with an imposing height of 14 m built. Until today, the Mayor could set up his Office there, it served many purposes. Emergency Church, Almshouse and school are just a few examples. On holiday in an apartment on the river Moselle, one may ask for a guided tour through the House. Andreas Mettler