Speech On Sciences

It is in the society, of the society, for the society that appears scientific knowing that in the Philosophy of Rousseau, it only can be understood in the distinction between being and seeming. Better to understand this distinction let us see what Rousseau understands for society or ‘ ‘ universe social’ ‘ , in accordance with the explanation of Strong Salt mines in its workmanship the Paradox of the Spectacle. This author in says that the social universe to them ‘ ‘ He is conceived as a terrifying world of the appearances, as proper place of the permanent and perverse dissimulation, as reigned of the lie, the mask and of occult maquinaes, whose capacity will finish for leading until the delirium. (SALINE, 1997, P. 25). The social world is the world of the spectacle, is the world of the representation, is a great theater, already the natural world would be the absolute one, the represented one.

This is the being, that one is to seem. The world of the appearances (of the representations) was established by ‘ ‘ luzes’ ‘ of the reflection that, it says in them of Rousseau in the Assay on the Origin of the Languages, ‘ ‘ it is born of the comparative ideas; plurality of these ideas is that it leads to comparison’ ‘ (1987, P. 175). This means that to know, in this direction, nothing more it is of what establishing relations or comparisons (Cf. SALT MINES, 1997, P. 68). For Rousseau the most necessary knowledge most difficult and at the same time to the man is the knowledge of itself exactly, of its nature that must transpose the appearances of the society, of the vanity. In the Speech On Sciences and the Rousseau Arts it says: ‘ ‘ quickly, sciences they had followed the arts, to the art to write joined it art to think? gradation perhaps that can seem stranger and is not too much natural seno and if it started then to feel the main advantage of the commerce of the muses, who is to become the men most sociable, inspiring the desire to them to delight one to the others for ways them workmanship of its approval.