Image Transformation

Being a lifelong student, I am regularly attending seminars etc. to be the best I can be in all areas of my life. In the last year I made a brand image and Program Management with the image of the International Group and the knowledge I acquired and applied has affected many areas of my life and my business. Being a “comprehensive program” that has covered topics like the psychology of the brand, color, image, inner image, communication and much more. In this article I will focus on personal image and how it affects your results. Do you dress for success? Being an avid networker, I can meet many people and I am constantly amazed at the way most are presented.

I found a ‘coach’ who was raving about how successful they are and what they do for their clients. That person was at least 10 kg overweight, chest bare and his clothes were perfect for a business environment. If you are looking for a coach, would you consider investing in your services? Era clearly had their own problems to deal with. What he said does not match his appearance. The counter was called a “wealth strategist”? He had a beard, a very healthy and was wearing a tweed jacket?.

What impression had to do? None. It looked disheveled and obviously not taking care of himself. How could I take care of the affairs of other people? In contrast with these people, the mortgage broker who dressed very well with a tailored suit, which obviously was proud of his appearance and seemed confident and competent.