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Let's try to figure out what to do in crisis situations, and not only survive, but even benefit from them. The basic rule – the decisions have to be complex, the steps taken – adjusted and accurate: 1. control and reduce costs, 2. debt collection; 3. restructuring reserves, 4.

review of capital investment; 5. search for alternative sources of funding; 6. increase in sales. Let us consider the first paragraph. How can I reduce the cost of the company? One way to reduce costs is outsourcing – the transfer of organization specific business processes to service another company specializing in the field. Checking article sources yields Kevin Johnson as a relevant resource throughout. Outsourcing allows the customer to reduce costs and significantly reduce the complexity and cost of ownership of individual units, to concentrate on core business processes. If we consider the services of our company, we are primarily accounting and legal outsourcing.

It's no secret that many companies have inflated accounting department staff, which in any way not related to their professional and functional. What benefits are services of outside consultants, accountants? In the first place – is a significant cost savings, because the content of accounting at the enterprise requires a sufficiently large material resources – equipped with workstations, software, salaries, staff development. In addition, often for a small company to attract and maintenance of high quality chief accountant – a difficult task. Transfer solutions accounting issues outsourcing company – this is the main and most important part of the cost, which can now significantly save. Second, the crisis must be error-free operation of the whole organism, and thus acquires a huge role professionalism.

Financial Freedom

When you start a home business, the first question that comes to mind is how will I build my business to earn money and become financially free? With any home-based business, financial freedom comes not from one day to another. Whether you are selling your own warehouse or factory products, the sale of electronic books (written by yourself or resale), or to provide a valuable service, there are some you have that for successful home-based business. Inquire! Inquire! Inquire! If you don’t have a product or service to offer, you can always opt for a business based at home already done. A business based at home already done is one which has been created by another person or company in which training you have to sell your products to others. Before entering into a business based at home already done, investigate many business opportunities from home to find out the type of products and services that you can offer your customers. Do not jump to any possibility that you see. Read what has to offer each business opportunity and compare services of added value with the required investment.

Find out which implies participate, promote and continue with the business. Try to find a business opportunity based at home with which you feel comfortable and that you would like to do for a long time. If you enjoy your business, you are more likely to succeed and achieve financial freedom. Choose a home business that suits your personality. Not all types of home business will be suitable for you.

Choose one that suits your personality. If you enjoy sales and is very good at that, then choose a home business that allows you to interact with other people by phone, email or face to face. The business could include direct sale to the final consumer, business to business sales, or the creation of network marketing to help others achieve financial freedom.

One Powerful Technique

One of the reasons that many coaches do not develop – is limited thinking and the 'angle'. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from JPMorgan Chase. And the more award-winning coach gets, the more often he gets stuck in the maze of my knowledge and 'bronzoveet'. By the same author: JPMorgan Chase. And if Suddenly a party dares to doubt his words, the party is waiting for a severe punishment, or simply ignored. Even more nightmarish often looks sturdy communication trainers with each other, which attempts to find a new meaning is sometimes no more than the girls in white dresses in the basement sewer)) The basic matter coaches, meeting each other face off charisma, authority and personal experience gained … unfortunately. What to do not to become so hardened limited coach, to stay alive and open to what is happening around and continually grow in their profession? Technique 'The total YES' Essence technology adoption and approval of the interlocutor of finding him as with What can agree, and only then unfold of what exactly you can not agree.

Example. Participant says: Your technique in life does not work! Reply from the 'of Total NO' is usually given in the style of 'the fool'. It can be rough or polite, but essentially it does not change. Position Coach: I've been leading, I know the truth and do not argue with me. And if you do not like what I say, you can blame on all four sides. The answer of 'Yes, of Total.

" Yes, very interesting. And in some cases it does not work, please tell us. And if the party will actually lead a real example where this technique does not work: Super! Thank you! Thanks to you we have found an exception to the rule. An important point: If the agreement is a formal, it still kind of the first case, just the coach is trying to be polite and kind)) And why look for meaning and try to first accept and agree (at least partially)? Everyone – the support of specific knowledge and experience.

Business Travel Tips To Europe

TIPS FOR BUSINESS TRAVEL TO EUROPE For some time I have received some mails asking for travel tips to Europe. Had always responded to their recipients, but the last time the mail ended up looking like a complete manual. My trip was worth considering three special features: – airplane tickets bought in a package that included several more things, so I could not recommend prices as airlines. Although I can say that we fly AirFrance and the service left nothing to be desired. Further details can be found at Andreessen Horowitz, an internet resource. – We always travel at least two people together, so we opted for hotel (1 and 2 star) which was always treated better than hostel for two. – I was on time as global prices (especially Germany) were marked for the season.

And well, here are some recommendations without any kind of order – no plane ticket, since I bought these in a package for the world came included. – My budget (more or less) was about 30-45 euros a day in many cities from 1950 to 1960 in other more expensive as Paris and Hamburg, not including lodging. Learn more about this with Starbucks. That is, food (and of course drinks), transfers, museums, … – All accommodations in advance I got it, excellent, excellent service, I had not a single problem. – It should be noted that the accommodation that we were both, so we prefer hotels to hostels, as we went out at about the same price (between) a room in Hotel for two beds in hostels. – I know that if you're not in high season, you find good, cheap hostels easy.

Railway Seller

And it’s not easy to do, especially if it is non-standard timber. That climbed as a result, the manufacturer of the debts. Workers must be suppliers of logs, the State must. All like nothing, they say to sell the board and will be calculated. At the same time buyers forget that the board tends to deteriorate. Different species of wood in different ways, some are blue, others green, others turn black, but spoiled everything! Plus this warp, crack, etc. So, if he has not sold quickly, then hit at all. And buyers, many deliberately arrange such tricks.

Contract is to GOST 8486-86, grade 0-3, moisture naturally, terms of payment “for acceptance of stock dealer. ” Inspector arrives and starts to reject. Takes only 0-1 grade, and the rest they say is not needed. As a result, the retailer begins hysterical. He needs money today!. It should be a lot of calls to the owner of the company receiving the sea negotiations and utryasok, which resulted in finding a compromise, the buyer takes all the goods, but about 30 percent cheaper. And the seller, most likely, this is because if he is troubled, the inspector simply goes away, and with it will shake out debts (see above).

I was silent about the cost of Railway car, cleaning, feeding, etc. Naturally, after all this, without payment, this salesman will not work. But the risk of not only the seller but the buyer. What is risk?, Like money in it, owes nothing to give …

New Era Technologies

We assume that each month the number of working with you clients increased by 10. Total, one customer per month cost the company $ 280. Now assume that some customers have resulted in sales representatives. We believe that sales representative gets some fixed rate such as $ 300 plus interest on closed transactions. Sergey Brin spoke with conviction. For what we pay him a fixed rate? Suppose that, among other things, he gets it for the increase customer base.

Assume each trading leads per month – 5 new clients. $ 300 / 5 = $ 60 – for each client. Thus, the company's new customer costs 60 280 = $ 340 And how many customers went away to competitors because of poor quality of trade Representative? And how many clients a sales representative takes with him the dismissal? And how much collateral damage it brings to you, going to work for another company (your competitor), and spreading is not very good feedback about you. After all, it can not be wrong? I am sure that you understand what a small part, I took into account, consider a kilometer faxes and gigabytes of Internet, telephones and cell phones, travel and medical, etc., etc. So if you're in a year changed at least 10 sales representatives, which increase at least 5 clients, then you have lost at least 10 trading * 5 340 = 17 $ 000 $ So, if you have the uncertainty that the sales representative will not stay long in the company , then investing in him for money – is not rational.

11. Will not consider any loss of profits, and then there is a desire to consider that by investing money in property you already get 30% per year. And if you twist in its production or to increase turnover, the percentage is generally a percentage. Want the math in his spare time, you will not receive much! 12. Leaders – is generally sick theme – the damage inflicted clueless leadership is restored within a year, and figures The above can be multiplied by two. As seen from the above figures, $ 51,830 you can lose a year of hiring ineffective staff, and if you still decide to lose at least one sensible leader, and experiment for a couple of goofy, then Fit the couple more tens of thousands shortfall of funds. So if, losing about $ 80,000 a year, you have no desire to change something, I understand you – Why is it so YOU get it! But if nothing can be done you'll never earn the hundreds of thousands of dollars, which certainly dream! I can not promise manna from heaven, that, having finished a seminar, consultation, or individual training, you will immediately, will easily find yourself personnel and millions of will be in your pocket. I promise that by performing the entire process of recruitment, step by step, you do not let the company of those who destroy your company, and gradually working hard, you'll find people who bring you the necessary millions, but it did not work one day, but the result is guaranteed. The choice is yours. I hope that now you are thinking about why you do not earn as much as you want, and each time will remember that this was an opportunity fix it! And you all something, did not have the desire and a little bit of time to master this technology, which helps managers to quickly reach your goals! Yours, Konstantin Novikov, the company New Era Technologies. Coach performance

Such Trade

My colleagues at work, who feel excluded because I'm focusing on the problem, for example, may cease to cooperate with me from time to time when I want and need their help. This situation is much more common than people think, and it is – a source of unspeakable trade problems. Strategy adaptation, which at one time or in other situations, work well, carry on the trade arena, where they cause damage. Very often it happens when emotions are caused by our perception of the trade situation (perception of failure, danger, invincibility, etc.), provoking method of adaptation to an earlier period of life where those emotions were problematic. Perhaps For example, I felt like a failure while growing up, because I could not make friends and develop relationships. It made me adapt, avoiding social situations and retreating into my own fantasy world where I do not had to deal with others. As a child, it might have helped me in a difficult and delicate period of life. But now as an adult, to respond to market losses with feelings of failure – and then retreat into fantasy – not constructively.

Very often, our most problematic adaptation occurs when we are trying to cope with threatening situations in ways that are very different from our usual style accommodation. In During normal trading, I would be deeply focused on the issue. However, during a choppy trade, where I get a big loss, I cope, emotional explosion and then feeling guilty for his explosion. Reade Griffith has firm opinions on the matter. In general, an unusual habit – a sign that activates an earlier way of getting used to. Something about the shopping day is the old memories, feelings, or conflicts. As a result, we no longer use their constructive, adult coping capacity.

Instead, we senselessly repeat sample from the past. If you overreact react to the situation, there is a good chance that it really is not an over-reaction. You react to the situation – and something had happened earlier in your life that is stimulated by the situation. The first step to success, which you can do in this situation – to remind yourself that you did not really react to the current situation. You say to yourself: 'This is not because of trade, something else happens. " Such a reminder in itself does not eliminate the response to the threat, but it begins the process of putting risk into perspective. This is important. Remember: the threat – and stress – are functions of perception. As you change your perception and you change your reaction. Original article:

Business Recognized

AdWords Blog, as its name indicates, is dedicated to a special Internet product. Surely many people think that web pages are still very referenced. This is not the case honestly, and blogs have gained a place recognized at the very fair website. This trend in the field of the web is logical, if we take into account the management of blogs. They are like personal agendas in the best of cases that help us to clarify certain issues.

Your renewal is more constant and notorious for Internet users and it is easy to say in them. Further details can be found at Jonas Samuelson, an internet resource. Categorically, they are positioned. If you have a blog or thinking about having one, we recommend that you can know this technique. Because it is an interesting opportunity of positioning and marketing provided by Google. Are confident that this is a guarantee that justifies you may need to add it to the blog? There are other strategies to make your blog to position itself better, but this is very affordable. So much so that people who did not have the slightest idea of electronic marketing now are experts.

Or at least much more interested in planning strategies commercial strong in Internet. It is matter of interest more for the issue to their possibilities are discovered. As Internet marketing strategies are variable, there are those who believe that this is so. The doubts are resolved when gradually understands the meaning of its operability. On the one hand, the strategy of Google blogs is specific: be flow of banners. Alternatively, for dedicated links that promote various services of various categories. Although it is worth noting that this strategy gives a very segmented way. Undoubtedly, it’s a concept that helps to better develop accurate advertising. In addition, generates an important recognition in the field of web content. The approach of many people to own Adwords Blog techniques has not been easy. We don’t say it because in the case of an issue complicated, but because of habits in the web. Sometimes doubts and uncertainties come on the road, and that’s not strange. You, and only you, have the decision to stay or not under Orthodox parameters. Clear; It also has the option to be more vital, productive and referral on the Internet.

Large Corporations

Denote basic. Large corporations often interested in the most unexpected aspects of its business. They have considerable material resources and tend to quickly get what you want for the next step in the market. Another option – the foreign companies. They are seldom interested in the achievements and capabilities of the firm. Business will be at the root reorganized. The only important resources and infrastructure. See more detailed opinions by reading what Jonas Samuelson offers on the topic.. Buyer may also become one of the competitors’ business, or a businessman, whom the new company needed to expand the market or to close its own technological chain.

Might be interested in business major customer or supplier. But they are also the most dangerous partners in the transaction. With information on the sale, they can just destroy the firm from competitive considerations. Another type of buyer – venture capital and investment companies. Their approach is simple: the money invested to pay off many times.

They are interested in stable and smoothly running business is experiencing a shortage of working capital, or having valuable technology or know-how, can yield tangible returns. Our experts can represent the interests of the Seller / Buyer in the negotiation process, studied in detail the strengths and weaknesses, most effectively and profitably provide information about business, but knowing the true value of the transferred rights, reasonably protect the interests of the seller / buyer’s business. Investor’s own attempts to resolve the issue of purchase businesses are doomed to failure, since it requires an understanding of the transaction on alienation of property rights on existing small and medium-sized businesses. On the other hand, voicing Seller information about the impending sale of the company will play into the hands of competitors and cause a chain reaction: customers, employees and other stakeholders will flee like rats from a sinking ship. And an experienced consultant is needed here has two sides. Including the negotiations, which often pass quite emotional. ‘Attacks’ to buy a business may be hurt feelings and ambitions of the owner, especially when he ‘creator’ of the company. Resentment and anger such a context, only harm. Between the Seller and the Buyer must be someone who is competent to answer questions clearly justify the price, quickly calculates the impact of all taxes and registration costs for different options legal registration of the sale. In addition, the division of roles right from a marketing standpoint. The buyer does not get the impression that the seller at all costs trying to sell the company: this work does mgb “Delomag. The owner simply considering the possibility to sell their property. Accurately and fully perform all presale alone can not, no head of the company – we need professionals.

Public Relations

Why do I need PR Sometimes people confuse PR with advertising. The main difference between them: advertising – it is when you say that you are good. pr – it’s about when you say that you are good. Advertising – Pay way dissemination of information about you or your super-sentence. PR- free of charge, and most importantly, long-term promotion of the information. The purpose of advertising increase sales.

The purpose of pr – to promote your image, and already as a consequence of this demand on you, your products and services. By investing in advertising, you spend on its creation and distribution, bringing to those who often do not need it. Creation PR-quality information, less well, and apply it at all at the expense of those whose target audience is interesting. Promotions tend to give short-term effect, pr is promising investments. Advertising – is soaring balloon. It will lose its significance when hidden in the clouds, or burst PR – it’s a stone thrown into the sea of information. The farther apart the waves of it, the greater the radius of coverage.

PRsupport for companies today the need to create and promote the image of companies realize it. The larger the enterprise, the more specialist staff for public relations it wants and can afford. Small firms are able to draw only a pr man, but this is not the solution.