Evo Morales

Nobody remembers his government, because it was very hard, curfews, imprisonment and deportation of politicians, falling exports, a real mess. Forty-one years later, the loafers of Latin American leaders, want to restore in Peru, and finance Velazquez protests, boost, with the help of other communist leaders orientation in the country. a So we have the CGTP, Patria Roja, Sutep, indigenous, all highway driving shots, protests aimlessly, fighting to overthrow the current regime. Leaders from Ecuador and Honduras, following the example of dictators like Hugo Chavez and Evo Morales, have settled their political constitutions to be reelected indefinitely, as if that were the best for the Latin American countries, ie the perpetuation in power of Communists , murderers authoritarian. You may want to visit Jim Umpleby to increase your knowledge.