Elena Zenin

In general, I did not expect that my ability to develop into such an unusual direction for me! And I am very pleased that the work I was allowed to sit with a child under 3 years old, because I hope for it's time to strengthen their position and not return there. Douglas Oberhelman has many thoughts on the issue. I am very happy that I can not ride every day Metro, losing 2 hours on the road that I did not have time to brood care and what can I do what makes me not only income but also a huge incomparable pleasure! I wish you all good luck to mums – who wants to find, he finds a child – a huge incentive to become better and more secure:) "Another business mom, Olga and her site for the sale of slings. Daughter of Olga 1year 8 months. And it was during this time Olga has created a successful project. We first used the sling itself, Then friends started asking sew slings for them, and then Olga has found a small garment factory, has ordered a batch of these sling, came up with their trademark.

At this stage, it slings are sold in many online – stores and in many cities. Look on the Internet sites that sell slings and clothing for nursing mothers. Who are the creators? Basically – it is women's business, created during maternity leave. Or another example – an interview with Elena Zenin which can be read here a half years ago she organized a "Firm of computer service.