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Key To The Awakening Of Consciousness

There is a key for the awakening of consciousness that can be put into practice, it is very simple, but the difficult thing is to keep it and make it part of one, is called the Sun key (subject, object and place). Subject: ourselves, the object: is what we are doing and the place: is the site where we are, to put into practice the key, just it is necessary to be aware of these three aspects at the same time, at all times, i.e., be aware of everyone, feel observed if same, be fully aware of what we are doing at that moment and in the place where we aresee it to watch him listening to him, it is not hard to do, but always the mind takes control after a time and we forget it, I invite you to bring to practice, so you can see for yourself, takes a record of the minutes that you’ve been able to remain in that State until the mind take control and you’ll discover that they are just very few minutes where you can remain in that State of consciousness.He is that the minutes will increase with the passage of time, if you’re persistent enough in this company, then you can reach really high levels of consciousness. Speaking candidly Jim Umpleby told us the story. And is that God is in our heart, trying to express through us, but we ourselves with our mind, to avoid that the can do it, if we were able to take with good foot our practice of key Sun, then our inner God may manifest itself in our life through us and we will have achieved an important step in the awakening of our consciousness. Practice: Relax Suel ta your muscles releases the tensions they take a deep breath and slowly empty your mind let go your thoughts not luches against them if they just let them go now feel your body feel your breathing feels your heart (there is your Real self) feel it surrender to him feel your whole body without leaving feeling pay attention to what you’re doing at this time of the computer screen, the table, the keyboard, mouse listening to observe them, feel them is retailer but don’t forget yourself remember it now without forgetting the foregoing observing and listening to what’s to your around sounds and objects that are in your environment anything that you can observe, listen to and feel this is the key to Sun (subject, Ojeto and place) the subject you’re youryou feel and observe you object is what you’re doing at this moment, the screen, the keyboard, the mouse place is the site where you are at this moment is not difficult the tricky thing is to do part of it, but with practice you can achieve this are wide awake in this moment are living the here and now there is no passed, there is no future only the present matter is staying in this state all the time go by awakening your consciousness awakens the Real be Ti Tu essence internal original author and source of the article.