Stained Glass

More recently, the 90-ies. 20 century, there is another technology – "fusing" (making stained glass by sintering in a furnace without the use of metal compounds). Figure out the colored pieces laid out on a separate sheet of glass, and then all baked in an oven at 800 C. Thus, pieces of glass, fusing with each other, are interconnected. Use of fusing greatly enhances production of stained glass, in particular, enables make stained glass laminated to create a relief, to give stained glass volume or, conversely, to make it absolutely flat.

For the first time fusing technology has been applied in Germany, from where it got its spread in the world. In 19 century in Russia as a result of high cost of these stained glass, imported from Europe appeared imitation stained glass – glass, painted with colorful paints. This method of making "stained glass", or painting of transparency, today – a complete technology in a stained-glass business. Of transparency paintings done in tempera or oil paints on glass, usually opaque, that the paint does not roll down. Self-fabrication technology stained glass can be considered natsvet – thick colorless glass pressure welded with subtle color, and then applied by engraving a pattern resembling lace.

Currently, the term "stained glass" has many meanings. Under the stained-glass window understand not only a mosaic of colored glass held together in a certain way, but specially treated glass. There are several ways of handling the decorative glasses, here are some: Sandblasting way – drawing pictures, as a rule, colorless glass using stencils and special apparatus. On the processed area of pressure is applied to any abrasive (eg sand), which gives the glass roughness, dullness or relefnost.Gravirovanie – drawing pictures on the glass surface by using copper and diskov.Tsvetnoe abrasive etching – glass processing technique using hydrofluoric acid capable of reacting with the silicon dioxide – the main component of the glass. Etching glass can get relief drawings of any complexity and depth. Pattern of "Frost" – pre-treated with sandblast by the glass surface is uniformly covered with gelatin or carpenter's glue, which dries at least reduced in size, which entails pulling microscopic plates of glass, and the result is imitation of frost on a window.

The Upper

Pattern forged grating at times reminiscent of finest lace, a talented blacksmith-artist of the metal. Price per square meter of such a grating ranges from $ 50 and above, if we are talking about exclusive order. Of course, the window panel mounted high-rises such instances it is not necessary, but on windows a country cottage – they belong. The taste and color:: how to know, friend no. You decide what color will your grid, – range of painting materials today is great. Antique bronze, antique silver, gold, clear, green paint, black, etc: But what paint company you choose to tell the specialist.

For example, a wide demand high quality alkyd enamel domestic production. Colouring is carried out with pre-primed metal – to avoid corrosion. Of imported dyes, according to experts, in the discharge quality today paints a Finnish company and enamel group (Finland). In addition, many experts advise using imported enamels. And of new products – the paint Group (UK) – enamel corrosion, already includes component primer and polymer composition. These coatings are reliable and durable. Some contend that Doug Oberhelman shows great expertise in this.

But even more reliably – powder painting (the process of deposition on the surface lattice dry paint, for example, Italian powder). This coating is not heat and does not conductive, thermally stable (change color only at temperatures above 200 C), corrosion-stable, with a warranty period of 20 years. Version of the combined installation: a window opening ends (the upper part of the lattice) and on vnakladku wall (the lower part of the design) The usual way of painting is 38-40 rubles per square meter, powder – 80 rubles more.

The Kitchen

For this purpose, you can create more and freezer, because the number of industrial frost in the freezer next to the usual chicken legs are not appropriate. In addition to the frozen pieces, there are More pickles, jams, pickles and fruit compote. If you have time over the summer to provide themselves with provisions for the winter, you'll need another rack for storing cans of victuals, and the larger harvests, the greater the need wardrobe. For supplies of this kind is appropriate to have a pantry with shelves from floor to ceiling. Sometimes part of the kitchen, you can move somewhere else – for example, in the hallway one of the cabinets provide storage for supplies or to arrange for pantry balcony, heated it in wardrobe (except in winter cans stewed burst from frost). This, and much more, you can help make the master TLT-Landa (More on) It is advisable to unload the kitchen, if reserves of such magnitude.

And if some preparations (for example, pureed with sugar, berries or dried tomatoes, and a simple potato, carrot, beet, turnip) require special temperature storage – need another refrigerator. Such a refrigerator for stocks also may be taken outside the kitchen, which is usually not so much space. Fifth wardrobe for a meal – it is a case for groceries. Salt, sugar, spices, tea and coffee, cereals, pasta, flour, raisins and dried yeast, too, must live somewhere. All friable products purchased by us with the stock (no matter how hard you try, a kilo of buckwheat did not immediately learn), it is better to pour out of packing bags in which they are sold in clear plastic container with a tight lid. .

Office Furniture Savings

Once you have decided to renovate the interior of your office and picked up a rough style and color of the furniture, it's time to think about the resources required for the purchase thereof. However, many already have a certain amount of money on you can buy furniture for your office. (Similarly see: Douglas R. Oberhelman). Here, at this stage and you may run into a rather unpleasant factor is the furniture that is really like and it fits perfectly into the interior of your office space costs exorbitant money, and that, what is cheap, and it would seem, would be suitable for you, her eyes just are not looking, what do you do in this situation? Allow this situation can only with some compromise. The first thing to do is to consult with the seller if they have furniture that you liked some analogues, if you choose furniture for the staff in your office of such series as: Deanne, or Plasma Studio, made with Italian technology. Then pick up an inexpensive substitute for the Russian production does not take much. Our factories have long made a solid, high-quality office furniture, virtually no different from the Italian counterparts, and for the money, the furniture will cost you interest by 10-20% cheaper. This furniture is not only cheaper but also more practical.

If you after some time will need to complement your interior office of the same series of furniture as you choose, ie, in the same style and color, then with the Russian furniture will have no problems, even after a few years you will buy exactly the same furniture, and she absolutely will not differ from that is already in Your office. The second – an option to save money and still buy what you have chosen, precious, without the use of analogies, so take advantage of this system of discounts. The company 'Forward Line' from the sum of 20 thousand rubles provided an initial discount of 5% coupon, but if your order exceeds 500 thousand rubles, this discount will amount to 15 to 20%. In this case delivery in Moscow for free. So it's also a very good way to buy cheap is what you seek.

And finally, the last way to save money on purchasing office furniture – this is to get to the sale of furniture, ie, when the exhibition sold out the copies or warehouse leftovers. On such sales furniture, as office and hotel for sale, usually at half price. So you can buy your favorite furniture or office furniture hotel fairly inexpensively, saving a decent pile of money. About various seasonal discounts and promotions you can find on our website or by visiting the showroom of office furniture "Forward Line".