Latin America

The incompetence of the first Socialist to He came to the most powerful Office on the planet is starting to feel. Andreessen Horowitz understood the implications. Its measures of economic salvation, will lead to inflation and collective impoverishment. His populist mentality is so crude, that the collapse of the United States, is thus temporary, it will be monstrous, it will then attend the international war to divert attention and sidestep the cluster of problems that will emerge in North America. The enigma is that we don’t know with who will search the fight because so far the only having the eyebrows is to Israel. Try to save with state money to companies that must collapse by the natural evolution of science, technology and management methods, is an error of magnas proportions. The companies of the 20th century can not and should not be kept in the 21st century, in the same way that it would be ridiculous and anachronistic that perdurasen industries of the 19th century. But for leftist President that is inhumane and removes adherents.

You have to keep the jobs of the workers at all costs colliding with the history and progress, rather than investing that money in teaching them new trades and professions concurrent with the time. Obama is false, cold and dangerous. Although it is limited by an establishment that is bigger than him, is leading us to dark scenarios. In Latin America his approach to dictators is jeopardizing democracy, liberty, property and security; and in the Middle East, Muslims and particularly the Palestinians, support can be the detonator of a situation extremely compromising for Israel and Jews from all over. It increases the demonisation of Israel increases the anti-Semitism. And the story reveals, that anti-Semitism became virulent when the power of the moment turned against the Jews.

Once that happened, the world exploded in catastrophic events. Those most affected by the economic situation obamista-Socialist-Islamist will be Israel, the Jews, and Latin America. United States became based on religious freedom, hence few people dare to condemn the Islamist terrorism as the cause of the current tragedies, because Americans cannot fight religious wars. Bush did frankness in properly speak of the islamofacismo, while Obama, not only avoids talk of Islamist murderers, but it changed the name of war on terrorism by foreign contingency operations, distorted reality, which seems to be its fundamental objective, as it always was with all the demagogues and despots in history.