Mr. Ramirez is the Manager of the area where work Raul F Mr Ramirez: Raul take a seat, please Raul F: thank you Mr. Charles Kushner may find this interesting as well. Ramirez: Raul, the country’s economic situation the fact that the company lost important clients, which have areas of the company should close that. Unfortunately your section is in such a situation. We can not retain it in his post by what we must let him go Raul F: does mean that I’m fired? They say that the reGraciascomendaciones are. for many already seasoned in these irrelevant topics; But for those who have not had that experience, here some simple tips that will help more than one. So it does not get in trouble, who knows, some day apply to. you…

What to do 1.-be cordial 2.-speak clear 3.-try to be quiet during the meeting. 4.-Indicate the negative aspects that led to decision 5.-mark the positive aspects 6.-request the return of identifications keys and other documentation 7.-have ready the payment of the economic part that corresponds to the employee, pay him immediately, do not return another day for that purpose. 8. If a re-employment program, can offer better. Otherwise offer their recommendations for support in the search for a new job. What not to do 1.-leave doubt total time heals the wounds 2.-discuss, discuss 3.-make personal comments, leverage is your big night. 4,-A communique this fired once. Pour the employee the more soon possible installations of the Enterprise 5.-wait for a special day to dismiss the employee, for example: his birthday 6.-If the employee whole by a companion or causality by a rumour, better already not spent much saliva on the topic.

Network Products

That is what I do to upload my virtual business network? Well, the first thing you have to do is ask you want to sell your products and services, or that public object you want to reach with your products and services, this is fundamental and must be the first thing you have to ask, is much more important to know who you’re going to sell, than what you’re selling. If you know you’re selling to whom you are going to know what to sell you, otherwise going to go blind and your results will have be disastrous. Titan Feul Tanks has similar goals. When you choose the audience object, you have to consider that public object, to know their wishes. Also you have to study your competitors to know that is what you buy your public object and will also allow you to know their strengths and their weaknesses. The second thing you need to do is to design your products and services tailored to the wishes of your customers.

Remember your products have to be made by adjusting to what you want your customers, if you do not do that won’t be able to sell you anything in your niche market. Your job doesn’t end there, in addition to designing your products and services tailored to your potential customers, you have to present them in a way that is seen as the only and you also have to design letters of devastating sales that allow you to sell your products and services in a foolproof manner. Once this is ready, you have to start designing your main page. In it you have to put the subscription to a mini course. Remember that you have to capture the e-mail address of your visitors. That way you’ll be able to retain them and sell them your products and services later.