Electronic Cigarettes

The best aid to leave the tobacco, and from step to respect the new norm that it prohibits to smoke in places public the past from 2 of January of 2011, comes from China. And it is that the electronic cigarette has its origin in the Asian continent. " A great proportion of these products has the Made label in China" , it explains Alex Makow, Chief of a main directorate for Spain, Italy and Portugal de AsiInspection (), dedicated company a to realise Quality controls and Services of Inspection, Audit and Test of Laboratory stop importers. " This new way to smoke that it does not contain toxic substances like the nicotine, is ordered by the importers worldwide to the factories that mainly are in China due to the quality and the so competitive manpower with which there fabrican" , it adds. Further details can be found at Wayne Holman, an internet resource. And as it shows serves the button as Smoke Clean, a Spanish company that is putting its sand grain at the time of propagating " vapeo" , or what is the same, smoking cigarettes of this type. Details can be found by clicking Wayne Holman or emailing the administrator. " The people buy who them see in they to smoke healthier buy, it to take off " mono" at certain moments in places where he is not allowed to smoke, to smoke less, to leave it or to reproduce the gestures of the action to smoke but without inhaling all the injurious substances that tabaco&quot contains; , he comments Pedro Manuel Garci’a, his Chief of a main directorate. With examples as the one of Smoke Clean leaves patent that importacionesque comes from well-known " Factory of the Mundo" , nothing has to do with San Benito of and cheap bad. " Quite the opposite. In our AsiInspection case it realised an Audit of Factory, with which we verified that everything was in sequence for coming to make with total tranquillity our product there.

The Vision

These places only become real more through the action of the man, the environment if fortifies while place for the aspirations human beings, the necessities and the rhythms of the personal life and the groups. (TUAN, 1983) the difference between the places is the result of the space arrangement in the particular ways of production. ' ' valor' ' on each place it depends on qualitative and quantitative levels in the production ways and on culture and in the way as they agree themselves. (SAINTS, 1979) While the place if translates daily of the affection the landscape is only possible through the perception, over all the appearance. As symbolic systems conceived by the culture or the society (as the representation systems), the landscape is the perceived space.

The landscape has the dimension of the look, with all the constructions that the society constructs in the human knowledge. The space of the landscape possesss a horizontal perspective, with depth and graduation of objects in the horizon, and an upright. (COLLOT, 1990) the landscape is the result of the combination between the physical, biological and antrpicos elements, interacting ones on the others, making of this, a indissocivel set only e, in permanent evolution. All the object that is perceived in the space has an occult face to the vision, but the total structure of the object hardly escapes to the other directions of the perception, or still the mind works in a possible one contextualizao from the observed part. For total being accumulated of stocks with the vision it is not that the landscape I constituted a coherent totality, being exactly thus fragmentary, that is it has many independent elements. ' ' Thus the landscape if defines as space to the reach of the look, but also the disposal of the body; it arms with on meanings to all the possible behaviors of the citizen. .