Diamond Needle

Material leash may be different, but the essence is – pike should not he have a meal, and the tensile strength of the leash should not be substantially less than the breaking strength fishing line. The optimal length of the leash – 10-15 cm leashes more length, I do not see much sense, and throw them becomes uncomfortable. Keep leashes most convenient in case of a toothbrush. SUPPORT EQUIPMENT an accessory gear can include all, without which, in principle, catch can, but too inconvenient: boxes for lures zevnik, extractor, Cook (or stew), a knife, and most importantly – a fishing vest, in which everything is composed. And if you're going to catch big fish, then this should be added podsak and bagorik. Starting complete auxiliary equipment is best with a vest, then to try to box his pockets for lures, but it will be very hurt when bought a cool box for the spinners do not climb either in a pocket of his waistcoat. The more in your vest pockets – the better, because fishing them is never enough. Have to be a pocket on the back – there gets to the biggest box.

Vest is better to take the size of the two more – in the autumn it will have to wear a jacket or sweater, and we need him to freedom of movement. Cartons for baits in the early and may last one, but as the number of baits needed boxes for rotary spinners, for oscillating spinners for twisters to jig-heads, for foam fish, etc. The main thing, I repeat, that they were placed in the pockets of your vest. Zevnik and extractor needed to retrieve the bait from the jaws of predatory fish (Especially pike). Who once hurt his hand on schuchi teeth, knows how long to heal these wounds.

Instead, these two devices can use a medical clip (sold as stores 'Medtech'). Idea of the necessity Cook or fishpond usually comes during a frantic bite when you need to catch and catch and all ideas are aimed at, where do the fish do with it. In my opinion, fishpond acceptable if the fishing occurs on a small segment of the coast, and it is not every time they pull a new location. Mobile fishing more convenient to use several Kukanov with clasps, which are filling can leave and move further along the coast. (The main thing not to forget where I left …) Knife – better to have two knives: one – with a tool kit (screwdriver phillips, flat pliers, file, etc.), they now are inexpensive, and for the repair of the coil in the field – a nice thing, the second – just a triptych with a good blade – for cutting fish, bread, chopped, canned food etc. opened Diamond Needle file. Even the branded hooks after a while tupyatsya. The consequence of this can be very humiliating descent nezaseksheysya pike, whose dull hook is not broke jaws. Therefore, before fishing hooks hurt to check the sharpness of your baits, and if necessary, sharpen. (Check the sharpness of the hook can be as follows: Take the sting hook the nail of the thumb. If the hook slides over the nail, leaving no trace – it is uniquely dumb. Sharp hook moves with difficulty, and leaves a scratch.) Good luck!


Information can be as good this time of year as summer. For example in the country or on a fishing trip. You can learn such techniques and different methods of fishing, fish species, the species has rods, please visit this topic as a greenhouse such types of greenhouses. Trolling. The method consists in carrying out the wiring bait by towing it with a motor boat or boats. On a specially equipped boat can be found about a dozen trolling rods, each of which controls a single bait.

For burial or removal of baits from boats using additional equipment – Outrigger (outrigger) and daunriggery (downrigger). Holders rod (holder) are used to permanent installation rod. In the sea trolling rods are used the most powerful and strong multiplier reel of a special class. Line Capacity past – up to a kilometer in diameter 4mm monoleski. This is justified because for marine trolling are large pelagic predators (marlin, tuna, etc.) weighing up to 600 kg. The most commonly used lures – crankbaits and Octopus. For further deepening their use special devices – Sinker (sinker). In freshwater trolling requirements for rod and reel is not as severe. The most applicable multiplier reels spinning and general purpose test from 15 to 60 grams. Cnast should be designed for high impact load, as a bait is often the lure of high drag, and prey can be catfish or salmon.

Robots Valuable Information

In the present-day human society growing importance of all possible types of information technology and computer-robotic systems. Directly with them through every one of us can make their reality more pleasant and comfortable, the production – a more correct and monetary structure – more productive. Really, there are many areas where the use of man-work in effect wasteful, because man is capable of much more. Leveraging the same robotic system allows a person to leave free time for the realization of their thinking and working abilities. At the same time significant that the robots do not require actual payment, and improving the conditions provided by the activities that are not in need of rest and, in principle embody virtually flawless from the perspective of the employer sample of employees basic level.

Especially prosperous nation in terms of robotic technologies, without doubt, is currently Japan. Directly-operated robots are there in fact ceased to be exclusively characters from science fiction stories and movies – they actually carry out specific list of duties and in domestic life, and first responders, and in industry and medicine. Only by improving computer technologies in the nearest time robotic machines will be able to "learn" to perform much more substantial amount of duties in the most diverse spheres, and in addition to their ability significantly higher than men. This is especially true of high-quality industrial production, neurosurgery, and other areas of healing. However, for many inhabitants of the planet robotic machines as before while continuing to be the heroes of science fiction novels and films. By the way, Robocop or Terminator well known also in such countries, where familiar to Japanese people home robots, machines in the best case unusual.

In addition, robots directly by themselves in a position to offer as much variety as performed on abilities as well as on external appearance, that even this does not by itself able to attract not attention of many people. Stories about robots or cybernetic organisms – the characters, who are both human, to the same extent and robotic parts – has always enjoyed tremendous popularity in the movies. Truly, as each of us perceives the robot, especially – looking like a man, as one of their own kind, and tries to examine his actions from a position of normal human behaviors. Moreover, the moral complexity are rather big value. Category robotic machines in any case popular. In particular today, when a completely hypothetical speculations, it gradually and suddenly goes into discharge of domestic subjects.